Jake Dean

Jake Dean


Feeling Driven Upbeat Bluesy Folk/Rock. Though, influenced by Soulful artists such as Jerry Garcia, Ben Harper, and John Bell, Dean has his own unique style by expressing genuine feeling and emotion in both his Lyrics and Guitar Solos! Grew up learning from the best, now Shining in his own way!


My music is feeling driven! Whether it be in the message of the song, or in the sound of a string's soulful bend, feeling is being poured out! Growing up, I was exposed to "live" music at an early age, and it's not hard to see how much that has influenced my constantly evolving style. I'm mostly influenced by soulful Artists and Bands that aren't afraid to improv. Such as: Jerry Garcia (GD), Ben Harper, John Bell (WSP), Neil Young, Eddie Vedder, Warren Haynes, Greg Allman, Todd Park Mohr (BHT), and The Dave Mathews Band! Having a true passion for live performance, I take great pride in my shows! I'm always incorporating new improvisation, transitions, and song selections to assure that no two shows are ever played the same!

Currently, I just finished recording a brand new full length album in Nashville, TN. Though some of my music can be dark, as real life is sometimes, I always count on positivity to prevail!! I've never been more excited about this than now!! That's why this 2007 release entitled "Thank Your Friends" is dedicated to my friends, family, and The One Above! If I can give back to people, with my music, even a fraction of the joy that music has given me, than I'm doing my job well!!!

See you out there,

Jake Dean


"Thank Your Friends" LP Released in June 2007


Set List

Though Jake Dean has more than enough original material to play an entire night of music, he always has fun throwing in the right amount of crowd pleasing covers to keep everybody going strong!

Originals- ranging in time from 3mins to 6mins.
Another Cure, Signal, 1554, Keep Movin', Like It
Or Not, Shine, The Current, Newport, Give It Time,
Who's The Fool, Healing Song, Before It's Gone....
.....Just to name a few.

Covers- ranging from artists Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews Band, Widespread Panic, The Grateful Dead, David Grey, G.Love , Neil Young, Tom Petty, The Allman Bros. .....and many more!

Jake tends to play 1hr 15min. sets with very short set breaks. He can play as many of those as the night calls for!