Jake Doby Band

Jake Doby Band


The Jake Doby Band is a Christian country rock band with a sound like no one I have heard before in Christian music. We play all original songs that we wrote ourselves. God saved my life and my way to give back is to glorify his name with music. Using my voice, that God gave me. Great Live Show.


The Jake Doby Band was started when Jake Doby reunited with an old friend, JC Walker, and they worked on some of the Christian Country tunes that Jake wrote. While at a Christian life recovery program, Doby wrote a bunch of song lyrics while he was giving his life to the Lord and starting over from scratch. He had the songs and his voice, but no band to back him up. After putting the songs on the back burner and trying to find a job, Doby was having no luck. Months passed, and after many applications and no responses, Doby dropped off an app at the restaurant where Walker happened to be having lunch. Both men are recovering alcoholics who are sober today - thanks be to God. Song after song has just come together as if it were already written, and the Jake Doby Band was formed. Other members were added and are also sober today thanks to God's forgiving grace. It is our mission from God to pass along the word of our success and hope through our music. We hope to reach the millions of Americans who are battling with addiction or walking the road to recovery. There is a way to stay sober, that was is through Jesus Christ. The Jake Doby Band is a hard driving country rock band with a message, a ministry.


Man On a Mission

Written By: Jake Doby

Fightin’ Swearin’ Boozin’
I’m sick and tired of losin’
Nothing ever seems to work out right for me

All these years of drinkin’
I guess I just quit thinkin’
What can I do to get life back the way it used to be

I know in times of trouble
I’d call you on the double
This time Jesus I know you’re what I need

Salvation – God I need it
I fear you Lord
Can you steer me right
Humble me in your sight
Wash me clean, make me white again
Forget about all my old sins
I’m a man on a mission

I used to never listen
I knew something was missin’
Gonna walk in the path of righteousness

Get it right with everyone
Repair the mess that I’ve made
Jesus there’s nothing I can’t do without your help

In those past times of fear
I’d start slammin’ beers
Thanks to you Lord Jesus I don’t have to do that anymore


I want to do what’s right
Don’t cast me from your sight
You’ve lifted up this broken man
Gave me another chance
I’m going to help my brothers out
Worship you without a doubt
All the glory to the God who’s pulled me
From the depths of hell

Rescued Me

Written By: Jake Doby

Rescued Me

Well I started my life thinking that I knew
which way to go
Always talking never listenin’ thought I could do it all
on my own
Feelin’ like I didn’t need you father ‘cause I felt that
I was grown
But my pain and disappointment it has taught me man,
was I wrong

Like a wild horse I was buckin’
It took you to bring me down
Wrapped your lovin’ arms around me now I’m glory bound
So forever I’ll be grateful
All my praise is due to thee
Want to tell you that I love you Lord
I love you cause you rescued me

You rescued me x 2
Ah huh, yeah , yeah
Oh you rescued me

Now there’s a reason I’m so happy
It’s so simple to explain
Cause the Lord he has me branded and by him
I’ve been claimed
Since I’m through with all the problems that for so long
kept me chained
Started a new life with the Lord and forever here I’ll remain

Repeat Chorus:

I’m sanctified and glory bound heaven’s in my sights
From the minute that I asked the Lord into my life
Everyday when I wake up now I have a brand new start
Ever since I’ve been reborn and Jesus filled my heart

Repeat Chorus:

So forever I’ll be grateful
All my praise is due to thee
Want to tell you that I love you Lord
I love you cause you rescued me

Uh huh, you rescued me

Save My Soul

Written By: Jake Doby

Save My Soul

Fell down on my knees this morning
Spent my very last dime
Can’t even pick up one more drink
That’s how I know it’s time

It took me years to get like this
My drinking ways were set
And if I didn’t change my ways
They’d lay me down to rest

I wish I had the answers
When I woke up today
It looks like all the help I need
Is a simple prayer away

So I cried

Jesus – Sweet Jesus
Can you help me?
Change the way I think
Stop picking up that drink
Help me turn my will to you
Start putting down that booze
Show favor on me Lord and save my soul

Been years now since I had a drink
Looks like his grace found me
I want to thank you Lord for sending Jesus
Seems like I been washed clean

Not a day goes by that I don’t praise you
I’m as happy as can be
Long as I know that you’re next to me
Since I got down on my knees

And called out


You see Jesus is the answer
When you get up everyday
All the help you’ll ever need is a a simple prayer away

So call out


Help me turn my will to you
Start putting down that booze
Show favor on me Lord and save my soul

Grace Through Faith

Written By: Jake Doby

Have to put all my faith in the Lord
My life’s broke down like a rusty ol’ Ford
Study his word to break these chains
Paradise forever is where I’ll remain

Been fired a couple too many times
Just when I thought life was fine
But I wasted every cent I ever made
Anymore messin’ around may be too late

Time to get it right with the Lord
Can’t put this off anymore
Too much talkin’ not enough listenin’
Seems redemptions what I’ve been missin’

Been searchin’ everywhere for this salvation
Can’t put my faith in the strength of this nation
My soul looked like a dirty ol’ rag
So I put down the gun and raised the white flag
Grace through faith is all that I see
Now I’ve got the victory

Searched high ‘n’ low all my life
‘cept all I found was toil and strife
Til the very minute I gave it to the Lord
He gave me life worth living and so much more

Now since I found the one true father
Was nothing for me to surrender
I’d been down so many years
Seein’ life through a haze that hid my fears

Clean’d up my life, started new again
Cause now I have the power of Jesus within’
Enough with the runnin’ wild and carefree
I have the strength of God inside me

Repeat Chorus:

My runnin and gunnin sure was fun
Now freedom from sin is what I’ve won
New soul’s pure as the driven snow
It’s certain that heaven is where I’ll go
Took a while to figure it out
Openin’ the book erased all doubts

Grace through faith is all that I see
Now I’ve got the victory 2x

In God We Trust

Written By: Jake Doby

All our countries problems today
Seem bigger now with God away
Our nation was built with him in mind
Without Jesus in charge no strength we’ll find
What if the world just put down their guns
And senseless violence was all done
If everyone lived by the law of the Lord
Our courts may have to close their doors

The son of God was sent to save
The only victory over the grave
Faith in the world we can’t afford
Put all your hope in Christ the Lord
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
With all your heart, in God we trust

What if we let God back in our schools
Teach our kids to stop being fools
Everyone should teach creation
Show God’s power to the entire nation
Imagine a world without civil war
No worries of death when you open the door
Raise our youth to be patient and kind
Instead of hurtin’ the poor and robbin’ the blind

Repeat Chorus-

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
With all your heart, in God we trust 2x

Be Still and Know

Written By: Jake Doby

No matter how great your offenses
Faith in the gospel brings redemption
Forget about your sins of old
Replace your heart with one of gold

Our God is awesome fair and just
In his name with all I trust
This complex life can be a blur
With faith in him I’ll be secure

Remember that he is our creator
From heaven above he sent our savior
To give us Grace by Faith not works
Knew all about you before your birth

It don’t take money, power or fame
God sent his son to lift our blame
Faith in Christ is all that it takes
So believe in everlasting Grace
Jesus died upon that cross
So wrong you’ve done is forever lost
Sharper than any double edged sword
Be still and know that he is Lord

In Heaven one day with him I’ll be
To sing his praises eternally
Gatherin’ ‘round his throne of glory
Listenin’ to him tell his story

Down from heav’n to be a sacrifice
So that you and I could have eternal life
From Bethlehem to humble tomb
Bout how he saved us all from doom

There’s not one minute in life worth livin’
If you don’t put Jesus in it
Ain’t enough just to go and worship
That’s just only scratchin’ the surface

Repeat Chorus:

Being president doesn’t mean a thing
Or wearing fancy cloths or bling
Neither does being some celebrity
If you can’t stay in touch with reality

Live it right, your life with the king
Ain’t talkin’ Elvis but Jesus Christ
The son of God the Prince of Peace
The one who came to save your life

Repeat Chours-

Be still and know that he is Lord x3


We have one album which is to be released March 14. It is titled "Man On a Mission."

Set List

(2) 45 min sets

Man On a Mission
Rescued Me
Grace Through Faith
Save My Soul
In God We Trust
He’s Here
Live For Him
Sing His Praise

Be Still and Know
Forever Changed
Thank You Jesus...
The Spirit of the Lord
I’ll Fly Away
Take It For What It's Worth
He Forgives Me
God Is Good