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Written By: Jake Elliot


Another war, another quake, another drought
Another outbreak
The world’s breaking out, world’s crying out, I know all
About its heart-ache

We don’t need peace plans coming through
We just need to live by one truth:
Is Jesus Christ, living in you?
Cos the book of Revelations’ coming TRUE!

For we’re living in the ti-ti-ti-times of Revelations

We aren’t here for your money, aren’t here for war
We’re looking for the rapture
So turn to Christ, see the price of His sacrifice
In Him be captured

The earth’s fate is sealed, the dice are cast
We’re not learning from the past
The world is crumbling, crumbling fast
So come with us or You’re gonna be LAST

For we’re living in the ti-ti-ti-times of Revelations x4

To all my people of Christ out there
In these times, do you show that you care?
Has the devil got you settling for less
Or every day are you being your best?

Are you living in love and living for peace
Everyday are you living your heart on your sleeve?
Are you living a silent lifestyle today?
Avoiding words and actions that slay?

Then let me tell you who You are in Christ
He’ll take Your fears, He’ll win your fights
You’re His vessel, He’ll live through you
So make a move! Make a move!

Make your move!
This age of grace is ending soon!

We are living in the ti-ti-ti-times of Revelations X4

Yeah! Yeah! We’re living in revelations!
Yeah! Yeah! These are the revelations:

Preach to the people, pray for the people
But most of all (interval), love the people
This aint a drill, You’re a part of His will
Feel the urgency, of the emergency to live the thrill!

Cos the earth is screaming what Johnny was dreaming
Today is the evidence of evil residence and presidents
You think now’s bad? Hear the latter verse
Humanities profanities, calamities get worse

The sun will go dark, the moon will lose it’s light
The heavens will shake with the power and might
Stars will fall from high, humanity will cry
As they see Christ Jesus descend from the sky

But before all this happens we Christians rejoice
For we’ll be captured by the rapture at the trumpets voice
But the people who remain are at the mercy of the beast
Til Christ returns to rule the Middle-East

Peace out! Peace out!

Don’t settle for less! Don’t settle for less!
Go on get out there! X2

We are living in the ti-ti-ti-times of Revelations X4

© 2003 Music by Jake Elliot
© 2007 Words and Revised Music by Jake Elliot