Jake Flores

Jake Flores

 Victoria, Texas, USA

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That All May Know

Written By: Jake Flores

Verse 1:
Achieved by a loss,
of Perfect Glory;
You laid Yourself,
on a Cross for our sins.

A distant Father,
who turned away.
But Still You said,
"Forgive Them".

Verse 3:
Truth Revealed,
by a Servant;
Named Jesus,
The Messiah and the Way.

Walked among,
Mighty waters.
But Still He said,
"Peace Be Still".

There's ony Faith,
in the Living Hope.
Blessed be our God,
Who took our sins away.

Verse 3:
Mercy new,
every morning;
and every evening,
I will give You praise.

My earthly fall,
is purely forgotten.
By a Savior,
Who broke our chains.


That all may know who You are,
and the price You paid.
For the world to see,
Your wondrous Grace;
obtained by Faith.