Jake Generalli

Jake Generalli


Lyrically driven, folk/bluegrass/rock/blues, aimed to provoke fresh thinking and inspired feeling.


As a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter, Jake's songs can be categorized in genres such as folk, experimental singer/songwriter, indie, or bluegrass, with a generally lo-fi sound. In 2006 "The Fall EP" was released via the internet. Past musical projects include 'King Tong's Marvelous Earthquack' and 'Ghengis and the Khancept'. He has worked with numerous other bands over the past years with, including, but probably not limited to: Arthur Smid (guitar/engineer); Def Kids (keys/bass); Tell The Truth (bass); Sheltered Kids (guitars); and the short lived Jupiter Moth (rhodes).

Born in Passaic, New Jersey on December 6th, 1987, Jake Generalli has had many homes since a young age, most notably in New Zealand and New York. He now resides in Portland, Oregon.

Jake is continually inspired by the sights and sounds of the world and the works of artists such as: Bob Dylan; The Beatles; Tom Waits; Elliott Smith; Saul Williams; Walt Whitman; Conor Oberst; The Band; Wilco; Langhorne Slim; and M. Ward; all the while striving for an original voice of his own.



Written By: Jake Generalli

I don't have a home
It's not like I want one
I'm not on the run
Just free to roam
And get lost in car exhaust
Road lines that connect the dots
From where I've been
To where I'm going

Around the bend
We don't pretend
To know what is coming
We just laugh
At old epitaphs
Dancing in graveyards
And we don't have to keep score
'Cause we know when we're winning
But when I'm alone
I'm not so sure

Please carry me back
'Cause my body is broken
I'm lost in one place
Fallen way off track
But then I will rise
From this coffin of concrete
Giving me strength
To make you my wife

And I could not live
Without all that you give
And in return ask for nothing
I've got nothing for you
Except for some love
So next time we meet
I'll come bearing flowers
And a limitless age
That will just never show

So you found a new man
And I understand
Whatever makes you happy
Woman can't you see
What I say is sincere
So my timing was off
And your heart was elsewhere
But I can't be mad
Having been him before

I don't have a home
Though sometimes I want one
And each bar of this song
Forms a jail of my own
Now restlessness calls
And I got to keep moving
So I hitting the road
And I'm setting you free


- "The Fall (EP)" 2006

- Untitled LP due out May 2009

Set List

Can play a solid hour+ set.

Mostly originals, with the occasional cover.