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"Jake Jasmine manipulates and generates a good sound and a good start."

Jake Jasmine
By Spencer Stuart – University Hill Secondary, Vancouver BC

Jake Jasmine manipulates and generates a good sound and a good start.

When it comes to writing music, people's creative visions can be blurred by other influences that are not always positive. So, in 2006, Ian Macdonald (formerly of Ponderosa) and Mircea Tracke formed Jake Jasmine with the intention of creating music that doesn't sound like anything else. With the assistance of Joel Kroeker of Northwest Records, the band started piecing together the first Jake Jasmine recordings. "I would go to Joel to see what he thought, and get some advice on everything," explains Macdonald of the process. "Most of all he just encouraged us to stick to our gut, and not to get trapped by trying to make music that we might have thought people wanted to hear, or whatever was popular at the time."

So Jake Jasmine released their self-titled EP with Joel's advice in mind and what resulted is an interesting mixed bag of sounds. But this EP is just the beginning – Jake Jasmine is eager to grow. "The self- titled EP has given us the necessary experience to further refine our songwriting process," says Tracke. Jake Jasmine plans on entering the studio again over winter break and is starting to plan for a tour of North America for the summer of 2008.

If you're looking for something original, Jake Jasmine is a band you want to check out.

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(July 2007)
Jake Jasmine EP



How far can we manipulate or generate sound so that it no longer bears resemblance to anything existing in the natural world. How boundless are the possibilities of such concrete mediums as melody, and language. Jake Jasmine’s music attempts to remind us that with the right creativity, the possibilities are limitless. While piercing guitars slice through a fog of white noise, bouncing off stuttered low-end melodies, and hypnotizing grooves swagger between steady and ferocious, all are guided by a voice of haunting, self-reflective poetry.

Jake Jasmine was born in 2006 when Ian Macdonald and Mircea Tracke began attempting to recreate the music that was playing in their heads. The pair diligently crafted Jake Jasmine's songs under the tutelage of singer/songwriter Joel Kroeker (Northwest Records), ultimately recruiting bassist Mark Handley and drummer Ben Kelly along the way.

In 2007, Jake Jasmine recorded their debut self-titled EP, produced by singer/songwriter Ryan Hauschild, known as Winston (Aquarius Records), and Dave Rodger. The record blends personal exploration with an escapist imagination. In May 2007, Jake Jasmine, with bassist Aaron McKinney and drummer Daniel Ruiz, debuted their live performance at the New Music West Festival in Vancouver. In August they set out on a cross-Canada tour, and have since played alongside such notable acts as Bob Wilcox, Sadie May Crash, AVS, Tanya Gillespie, Alverstone, London Spy, among others. Ambitious to share their music with as many people as possible, Jake Jasmine plan to write, record, perform, and tour extensively in the near future. A new EP and tour is planned for Summer 2008.

The newly released music video for Alive is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9bwBEe81pU