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Jake Knox

Van Nuys, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Van Nuys, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Band EDM Pop


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Jake Knox @ Dragonfly Bar

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States



"Rise Rock n’ Shine Presents: Spend Some “Kalli Nights” with Jake Knox’s New Song"

Creating art is a long, winding process and sometimes things turn out completely different than you expect. “Kalli Nights” by Jake Knox is a good representation of that. Originally a heartbreak ballad, the peppy indie pop song is here to make your days a little brighter.

“Sometimes you fall so hard in love, it hurts to get up the next day,” Jake says as he begins to explain his latest track. The song is based on a true story, which isn’t at all surprising. There’s an honesty to the emotions on the track that we don’t always see in pop bops. “When I met this person, the evenings turned into an adventure that stretched across the city. I felt like I was exploring a new world through the eyes of a beautiful soul.”

“I hope Kalli Nights can be the soundtrack for people falling in love.”

However, this story wasn’t always happy. In fact, when “Kalli Nights” began it was set to become a very different kind of song. “The original version was heavily influenced by the Cure, junk food, and some of my favorite depressing break up movies,” he recounts. It was a classic “the one that got away” track – right up until he was almost finished with it. “When I was about 75% done with the sad ballad, my phone began to ring. From there I switched gears, danced around my apartment, deleted the song I was working on, and wrote ‘Kalli Nights’ in one sitting.”

Beautiful things happen when inspiration strikes that way. “My heart drove me to the finish line with this song.” Following his heart led Jake to creating an irresistible beat that will definitely be on repeat all throughout the summer and he wants you to follow your heart to see where it takes you, too.

“If you are on the fence about calling someone, go ahead and call!” Jake says, and when you do it couldn’t hurt to play them “Kalli Nights”. The song is definitely cute enough to dedicate to your Valentine this year, and it’s a lot sweeter than those candy hearts. “I hope Kalli Nights can be the soundtrack for people falling in love.”

Hear “Kalli Nights” exclusively below and on idobi Anthm.

Fun fact from Jake Knox:

The EP that “Kalli Nights” will be released on is called In Between. It is about exploring all of the emotions that life can bring. “Kalli Nights” is a super happy song about love but the rest of the record explores different emotional spaces. When creating the EP I hit a rough patch in my life and felt like all the music I was producing did not represent what I was going through, let alone what everyone goes through in life. So I quit working with all my clients, built a 8×8 box in a room, and explored my soul via recording and songwriting. There were dark times, happy moments, but most importantly, an honest conversation with myself. This project is just the start of the journey, I hope you enjoy! - EMILLIE MARVEL- Idobi

"Modern Music Maker"

"Jake Knox has us heavily bopping along to his new pop ditty, “Kalli Nights.” The tune is a bright, fun listen, and the production is huge. The kick drum socks it to you, as the vocal (featuring Sarah Tudzin) keeps the melody sugary and memorable. Knox is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has been shaking up the California music scene. His sense of sonic possibilities is explored in “Kalli Nights.” From artist to arrangement, this song has the goods." — Modern Music Maker - Modern Music Maker

"Come Here Floyd"

"JAKE KNOX is always seeking experiences. And that includes his productions and music. ‘Kalli Nights’ is a fashonable delight of EDM elements, raining vocal tones of delicious taste-making colors." — Come Here Floyd - Come Here Floyd


Kalli Nights



“I’m trapped, you threw away the key, I’ve lost all my perspective till you shined it back at me.”

In a world of an overstimulated, factory - produced, emotional sea of content, Jake Knox was created. Jake Knox is the response to an artist that has been traveling the seas of creativity, in the vessels of what society wants in a musician. After the long journey in the world of commercial music, Jake has jumped ship. Creating sonic spaces that reflect the whole spectrum of what we see, and what hides in the shadows.

“How do you know what happiness is when you are only given one option of emotion?”

Jake strongly believes in challenging the listener to jump their own ship, and begin to explore the emotional spectrum of music. Vibrations have many different shades of reflection, and Jake Knox is your partner in your exploration.

Jake Knox first journey was with the multi platinum artist Bipolar Sunshine. After multiple tours in North America, they teamed up and wrote the song Tears which quickly spread and accumulated 2 million streams. Many productions later Jake still works with Bipolar and continues to explore the new definition of music in 2019.

In 2018 Jake felt pressured by the music industry to deliver content in a way that strips emotion from the process and treats the audience soley like consumers. He realized the direction of his craft was leading to the destruction of his soul. That is when he built an 8x8 box, put all of his inspiration in it, and began to work on the 2019 EP In Between.

During this time he went through a wave of anxiety, depression, and withdrawal from the world, and began to explore his soul. On this journey he got lost, and is slowly using his music to find his way back home. In Between is about feeling lost and finding yourself.

“Life can throw many things in our way, but as long as we know ourselves we can make it back home.”

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