Jake Laufer & Sherpa Underground

Jake Laufer & Sherpa Underground



Deftly combining thoughtful song craft, driving acoustic rhythms and a unique, off-beat lyrical style, singer/songwriter Jake Laufer has been delighting crowds at colleges, clubs and festivals for the better part of a decade.

Jake’s rich and varied song catalog contains the type of intelligent rock and heartfelt ballads enjoyed by fans of Ben Folds, Paul Simon and Elvis Costello. However, never satisfied to write the same song twice, he also sets his pen to quirkier subjects such as deluded Disco dancers, misguided erotic journeys through the Canadian provinces, and adolescent crushes on friends’ stepmothers.

Jake Laufer’s dynamic guitar work and upbeat songs blur the line between folk and rock, coffeehouse and club; his unforgettable music and engaging personality have turned strangers into fans, and fans into friends across North America.


A Viking Named ¡Caliente! Studio CD, 2000 Tracks played on WXPN in Philadelphia, DC101 in Washington, DC, college radio (University of Delaware, Carnegie Mellon, George Mason, Case Western, Mount St. Mary's, and more) First single, "Walkabout" was named one of the top 10 songs of the year by washingtonpost.com.