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"Album Review Review - Blues Matters"

Jake Lear Garners a growing reputation as a great live performer playing out of Binghamton, New York State. The picture of him playing guitar behind the head gives more than a hint of where he is coming from, but lear is far from a one dimensional axe-hero. Unsurprisingly, his influences follow the golden thread through Buddy Guy and Hendrix to Stevie Ray. But this musician is no blatant copyist, and nine of the thirteen tunes are his own. The only possible weakness is a voice which, though it serves its purpose more than adequately, lacks the character and power to be the fifth instrument in and focus of the band. This does not detract from the great energy of the playing, no better displayed in the blistering start of 'Kiss Me', where the incessant crashing of the cymbals also instils positive energy and excitement. The other three members of the band supply bass, drums and harmonica respectively and the brew is intoxicating. The covers are great and include a version of 'Dust My Broom' and the pedestrian 'Lord Protect My Child', in which he pays homage to the nuances of Dylan's delivery perfectly. That influence also informs the his own "trouble In My Mind/Trouble In My Soul' but, ultimately, it is the legacy of SRV's passion and technique that lingers long in the memory. - Blues Matters -UK's Most Read Blues Magazine

"Album Review - Mary 4 Music"

The resemblances are absolutely uncanny. Although there would be a small degree
of uncertainty involved, looking at JAKE LEAR'S picture - while listening to his
music, would surely have me thinking that I might be listening to BOB
DYLAN.....on steroids! It's kinda like BOB DYLAN singing the blues while
playing like CHUCK BERRY. In spite of never having been a really big fan of
BOB'S folksy style, I always did appreciate his musicianship and songwriting.
JAKE LEAR possesses all those talents with an abundant supply of exuberance.
On his debut CD - "LOVE AND CHARM" - JAKE LEAR, on vocals and guitar, is
joined by CARLOS ARIAS on bass, BRAD GORDON on drums, and PETE
RUDDLE on harmonica. The disc contains thirteen tracks, of which nine are
originals, with a cover of ROBERT JOHNSON, ELMORE JAMES, RICHARD
RABBIT BROWN and, of course, BOB DYLAN.
The opening track, an original called "KISS ME", already has me thinking I may
be listening to the discs best track. It's a smoker that could even get Beethoven to
roll over. With the rhythm section absolutely wild behind him, JAKE is even
wilder on lead guitar. It doesn't get any hotter than this one.
"CRY, CRY, CRY" is just what PETE'S making the harmonica do on this one. I
guess he wanted to get in the licks he missed on the opening burner. His doing so,
along with more great rhythm, highlight this one.
"DUST MY BROOM" is a classy rendition of a classic song. CARLOS and BRAD,
on bass and drums, are on top of their game here, and some of JAKE'S best guitar
work is heard on this one as well.
"SURE ENOUGH I DO" mean it when I say this less than three minute track is
way too short. I could have taken a few more minutes of JAKE'S soulful vocals
and the hot guitar licks he put out on this ELMORE JAMES cover.
"LEAVE THIS TOWN" is another smoker. JAKE, CARLOS and BRAD are
unbelievably tight together. This is one rhythm section that JAKE needs to keep
together. This listener would hate to hear that these guys would ever want to 'leave
this town'.
Other great tunes on "LOVE AND CHARM" include: "LOVE AND CHARM",
- Mary 4 Music

"Album Review - Blues Bytes"

Jake Lear is a Vermont native based in Binghamton, New York who was
captivated by the music of Buddy Guy as a youngster. He also absorbed
the music of artists like John Lee Hooker, Elmore James, and Stevie Ray
Vaughan. His music has been touted as “High Octane Bob Dylan/Stevie
Ray Vaughan fueled blues.” His gravelly vocals do bring Dylan to mind, but
besides the SRV influence, he sometimes reminds me of Mason Ruffner
when he plays guitar.
His debut release, Love and Charm (self-released) combines his own
blues/rock compositions with Elmore James (“Sure Enough I Do”), Richard
“Rabbit” Brown (the gentle “James Alley Blues”), and the old reliable
rocker, “Dust My Broom.” Dylan’s “Lord Protect My Child” demonstrates
how much Lear’s vocal style mirrors Dylan’s.
The original tracks range from the scorchers, “Kiss Me” and “Leave This
Town,” to “Cry Cry Cry,” which has more than a touch of the Mississippi
Delta present, to the Texas shuffle of the title track to the hard-rocking
“Breakdown Shakedown,” one of several tracks featuring the searing harp
work of Pete Ruddle, who also shines on “North Mississippi Bound.”
“Ruth’s Boogie” brings out Lear’s SRV roots, “Trouble In My Mind/Trouble
In My Soul” has the Ruffner influence going with the guitar work, while
“Early In The Morning” could pass for a lost Dylan track.
Providing stellar backing for Lear is a tight group featuring Ruddle, Carlos
Arias (bass), and Brad Gordon (drums). Love and Charm is a blues/rock
treat that will reward fans of the genre.
--- Graham Clarke - Blues Bytes

"Album Revue - Blues Revue Magazine"

Jake Lear, a veteran of the New York and Texas blues scenes, presents the enjoyable, self-released LOVE and CHARM. His Strat-through-Tube-Screamer tone shouts SRV, as do a few of his compositions (especially the double-shuffle "Kiss Me" and the scuttle-buttin' "Ruth's Boogie"), but other sounds play into his palette: "Trouble in My Mind" recalls Mason Ruffner's caffeinated approach, and something about "Cry Cry Cry" and "Breakdown Shakedown" - Maybe Pete Ruttle's harmonica -shouts raveup, Yardbirds-style. An earnest if not especially strong singer, Lear is most successful when delivering slower paced tunes such as the folky "james Alley Blues" and Elmore James' splendid "sure Enough I Do." - Blues Revue Magazine





Top 100 CD list of 2007-2008 - Real Blues Magazine

“High Octane Bob Dylan/Stevie Ray Vaughan fueled blues.”
Press and Sun Bulletin, Binghamton N.Y.

“Blues magic flows through Lear.”
Maryville Times Maryville, Tennessee

“He is at a place where he deserves to be heard.”
Mark Drnek – Host of Blue Light Central WSRK

“Lear is a guitar god influenced by everyone from Buddy Guy to Jimi Hendrix.”
L Magazine

Born in Vermont, a far cry from the birthplace of the blues but raised on the music of Blues, Folk and Country, Lear began playing guitar at a young age and was first inspired by Buddy Guy’s album A Man and the Blues. Lear often describes first hearing Guy’s Stone Crazy as a life altering moment. It was this moment that Jake says he found his calling. Lear quickly discovered the music of John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Elmore James and sites all of these as major influences on his own music. Through high school Lear, who is self taught, dedicated himself to learning the music of the blues greats. After high school Lear left home and lived for short periods in Boston, Austin and NYC all the while playing music and forming his own unique sound. In 2003 Lear moved to the industrial city of Binghamton, NY and quickly established himself on the music scene. Among the abandoned factories and burgeoning art scene Jake found an environment to flourish as a young artist creating music and playing gigs in Binghamton, Pennsylvania and NYC three to four times per week. In 2005, Before Jake even released his debut album, he was asked to play his first major festival on the emerging artist stage at the Arkansas Blues and Heritage festival in Helena, Arkansas and has had the great fortune to play with or open for the likes of Anson Funderburgh, David Lee Durham, Bill Abel, Eddie Shaw, Paul Geremia and has been on bills with legends Honey Boy Edwards, T-Model Ford, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and many more.

Singer, songwriter and guitar slinger Jake Lear is a new name in the blues world having just released his crossover debut blues album Love and Charm. The album released in 2007 is his first and has been garnering steady praise from top blues magazines like Blues Revue, Blues Matters and has made Real Blues Magazine’s top 100 list of 2008. The self released Love and Charm is getting noticed by radio stations world wide who have made Love and Charm heard around the world and reviewers like Dave Edick of the Press and Sun Bulletin tout Jake’s music as “High Octane Bob Dylan/Stevie Ray Vaughan fueled blues…..Lear’s inspired heart and soul makes “Love and Charm” one of the best blues albums you’ll hear this year.”

Lear recorded Love and Charm in two weeks at Panda Studio in Binghamton N.Y. with his band who supply bass, drums and harmonica and “….the brew is intoxicating.” writes Noggin of Blues Matters. Jake penned 9 of the 13 tracks on Love and Charm and is enthusiastically praised for his sound and songwriting, The Maryville Times of Tennessee said “Blues magic flows through Lear”, and The East Hampton Star described his song writing abilities saying “The subject is straightforward blues, hard times in heart and wallet. A simple request for lovin.’ The joy of recrimination. Pleas for help or pity in an unfriendly universe.” Jake’s influences run wide and deep and Noggin of Blues Matters writes “The covers are great and include a version of “dust my broom” and the pedestrian “lord protect my child” in which he pays homage to the nuances of Dylan’s delivery perfectly.” L Magazine say’s “Lear is a guitar god influenced by everyone from Buddy Guy to Jimi Hendrix.”

In the last year he has been a guest on radio shows from Italy to Mississippi promoting Love and Charm and in fall of 2008 will be back in the studio to record the follow up to his debut album.