Jake Mackey

Jake Mackey


2010 Ain't Ready For Jake Mackey!!!


All the ingredients for great music are here: huge beats, slick bass, oozing organ, tasty guitar rhythms, and most importantly, SOUL! You are witnessing something special. Jake Mackey carries on in the tradition of the masters before him, taking cues from guys like Otis Redding, Freddie King, and Johnny Cash. He also brings some serious guitar vocabulary to the table; you're just as likely to hear him emulate Hendrix as you are likely to see him perform Red Hot Chili Peppers or Sublime tunes. Above all else, he is eternally in touch with the heartbeat of the song. This is reflected in his choice of personnel: Steve Froberg on bass, Spencer Burrows on keys, and John Lazarus on drums, easily one of the Bay Area's most slamming rhythm sections. Born with a sharp ear, Jake constantly attended his parents' gigs as a child. By middle school he was sitting in. Today, Jake's songwriting, to say nothing of his sheer playing ability, is more alive than ever. He is becoming increasingly recognized for his originals, though always loved for his taste in covers. Don't miss your chance to experience this Bay Area icon. One show and you'll be hooked.


We All Fall Down (2009)

Set List

Way Down On The River
Sugar Do
Down In New Orleans
Things Ain't Gonna Change
Party Girl
Kick Back
Always The Same
I Let A Lady
Missin' My Darlin'

Sets are 60-90 mins with 10-15 songs. 3-4 Sets per night.