jake mitton

jake mitton


I sing and play what I feel. That's when it's the best.


I started singing in bars at the ripe old age of ten, started playing guitar at 12 , and writing shortly thereafter.


one good girl

Written By: jason piers

1st verse. I remember when she was leaving, I threw my knee's down in the dirt.could'nt even say goodbye, that's how much it hurt. I told her I would change , do anything she'd want me to. I saw the gravel fly I tried not to cry, but there was nothing I could do. "chorus". There's only one good girl for every bad boy around. and all those bad boy ain't so bad when the good girls leave town. There's only one good girl, so boy you treat her right. or you'll be alone and she'll be with some other bad boy tonight. "climb" good girls don't come easy and sometimes they can't be found. so if you get you're good girl boy don't let her down. "last verse" The only time I ever see her , is when I close my eyes.watching her walk out on me , well it made me realise.. that true love ain't a possesion, it's a thing you give away. all of you bad boys out there are gonna learn it hard someday. repeat chorus

A hole in the sky

Written By: jason piers

Theres a hole in the sky dirty rain is coming down , here the thunder watch the lightning coming right through the ground.

a hole in the sky

Written By: jason piers

1st verse: Theres a hole in the sky, dirty rains coming down. hear the thunder watch the lightning coming right up through the ground.nobody seems to care , where our kids are gonna live. don't they know you can't grow a garden on the internet. "2nd verse" See the fightin in the streets, throw the bodies in the hole' we don't care because it's people we don't know. The sky is turning black from our dirty little cars. A oneway ticket, a silver suit and we'll all live on mars. "Chorus" All the children that I see dyin and mothers lay beside them cryin ,sometimes I believe we live in hell. Politicions promise change as they sit home on the range , you might as well throw a penny in the wishing well. Mother nature she starts to cry, wipe ozone teardrops from her eye, then stab her in the back with a concrete knife. meanwhile we're still holdin on cause life's too short and life's too long. We believe in god but we sleep with the devil's wife. There's a hole in the sky , a fire on the ground. Wispers from the ancient souls say turn this ship around. while we're kicking up our heels, while we're throwing out our meals, we still complain there aint enough to go around. Repeat chorous.


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Set List

any and all , mostly country.