Jake Rightmyer

Jake Rightmyer


If you could imagine a love child spawned from a one night stand between David Gray and The Bare Naked Ladies, with hints of Jason Mraz kickin' it with Old Crow Medicine Show at a messed up night club or a backwoods beer parlor, you'd have Jake.


Jake Rightmyer, is a clean cut, upbeat songwriter from Oklahoma City, OK. His sounds blend into something that works. We're not exactly sure how it works, but it does. For years now, Jake has been writing and recording nonstop with momentum that comes from his want to perform and let people hear what he has to say. As far as influences, the list ranges from Dylan to Duran, from Billy Joel to Billy Holliday, from Cash to Clash, from Mayer to Metallica... OK, not Metallica, but there's some good stuff in there somewhere! What sets him apart is his range. Few performers have the vocal range or ability to write in so many different styles for any type of song like Jake.


Newest Album: Punch Drunk and Stumbling

12 original tunes that come together in a self produced disc that is only availabe through contacting Jake.

Set List

View From My Mountain, Tick Tock, Seniorita, Never A Chance, Change Your World, Miracle Man, Alright, and more.
CurbSide Prophet: Jason Mraz
Bridge over Troubled Water: Simon and Garfunkel
Wagon Wheel: Old Crow Medicine Show (Dylan)
and more