Jake Rowan

Jake Rowan

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Catchy hooks, tight harmonies, solid grooves. All original funk-pop band.


Debut Album "Here's Some Music"

Singer/Songwriter Jake Rowan started writing music in the 8th grade. Jake is supported by the Minneapolis-based jazz-fusion trio Living Spoon, with Nathan Eliot on guitar, Caz Falen on Bass, and Alex Young on drums. Characterized by Crosby, Stills, Nash-style 3-part harmonies, and funky acoustic guitar chops.


"Here's Some Music" (2004)

"Untitled Upcoming"(2010) *with super-producer Ben Obi

Set List

Typically a 45-60 minute set of original music. Over 2 hours of original material in the repertoire.

1. Money and Poison
2. Specks of Life and Starry Walls
3. Cold Alone
4. Slip of the Tongue
5. The World
6. Suicide
7. Dark As Night
8. Falling Out
9. More Than This Guitar
10. Powerless
11. Better Now
12. Black Hole