Jake Shaw Trio

Jake Shaw Trio


We are a groove driven band. Our sound resembles a mixture of: Funk,Rock,Reggae, and Soul. Could been compared to: Ben Harper, MMW, Jimmy Hendrix, and the Meters. We pride ourselvs on a dynamic and high energy performance. We are good natured and have a positive approach to our music and to life.


We are a seattle based band and have been performing together for over two years. Nothing gives us more joy in life than making people dance and smile. We are good natured and easy to accommodate. We will play every show like it's our last day on earth. Our music is primarily original with a few exceptions. Our influences are to numerous to mention them all but here are a couple that are more substancial than others: Jimmy Hendrix, Soulive, John Scofield, Bob Marley, Thelonious Monk, James Brown, MMW, Miles Davis. and The Grayboy All Stars to name a few. We have performed for the likes of Microsoft among other major corparations. Here are some other musicians that we have had the plesure of sharing the stage with: The Be Good Tanyas, DR Loni Smith, Mitch Woods, Flowmotion, The Panda Conspiracy, among others. Our music is made of Pure joy and love for the world.


We Just finished our EP and hope to record our first album in the near future. We have had a little radio time on K-root in the Methow Valley WA. Also a few articles in local papers all in prais of our music.

Set List

We can fill any time slot ranging from one- four hours. The majority of our songs are original with a few covers here and there.