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Singer-songwriter Jake Snider's debut EP, "Green Lights for Granted" gives a glimpse into his musical world...so far. A pianist since age five, Jake uses his jazz background to create thoughtful songs that stand apart from familiar man-with-guitar coffeehouse sound.

Born as the oldest of five children, Jake's home recordings (if you listen closely) boast "creative accents" in the background: slight screaming, calls for dinner, hungry barking dogs, et cetera. "Green Lights", however, features none of the above, as it was professionally recorded in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania with Cliff Hillis...far, far away from his home in suburban Philadelphia.

At nineteen, Jake has written over 60 original songs, making this album a bite-sized spoonful from his repertoire. Now making his first round of performances at premier Philadelphia and New York City music venues, this marks the very beginning of Jake's entrance onto the music scene. In the summers, when he is away from his full-time job as a student, Jake enjoys his family cabin on a lake in Maine, reading Harry Potter and listening to the loons. Jake currently attends Columbia University in New York City, and is releasing a self-titled full-length this Thanksgiving.


Green Lights for Granted EP (2008)

Jake Snider (Nov. 2009)

Set List

City Blues
Mr. Hemingway
Prisoner of the Alley
Say Farewell
All You Need (And We Stand)
To be Alone
Headmasters of the Past
The Seven
The Day I Got Old
To the Ocean
Something Beautiful
Snow Day
We're Not Friends
Moment in Yours
Early Morning Somewhere
Vienna-Billy Joel
Don't let it bring you down-Neil Young cover
I Try-Macy Gray cover
I Want You Back-Jackson 5 cover
Use Me-Bill Withers cover

Mostly original music with a few covers thrown in for variation... 1-2 hour sets