Jake Speed & The Freddies

Jake Speed & The Freddies


The Freddies live show includes songs with political and cultural humor (clean), original & traditional folk songs,, tongue-in-cheek stories & audience participation. Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Sr. and Will Rogers all influenced the band. They just did Prairie Home Companion Radio.


The Freddies originated on the streets of Cincinnati where they performed their songs for tips and continue to believe "If you ain't good enough for the street corner, what are you good for?"

Their near-vaudeville style shows and quick-witted charisma rope in loyal fans of new and old generations alike. A true bonus to any Freddies show is the tongue-in-cheek stories and crowd-engaging antics, such as audience parades, watering can solos, and sing-alongs, all of which keep audiences of all makes and models thoroughly entertained. The University of Cincinnati News Record said: “All the audience participation demonstrated that the crowd clearly had fun joking around with the band.”

A recent bonus to the shows are the songitorials™ - singing editorials commenting on the political and cultural foibles of the day. City Beat described them as “the voice and style of Woody Guthrie and the observational humor skills of Will Rogers.”

Jake & the Freddies recently performed four songs on Garrison Keilor's Worldwide Prairie Home Companion Show.


World Come Clean - The new album - same political & cultural insight - more complex sound

Huzzah! - A fun album with interesting cultural commentary

Queen City Rag - The Original Freddies Album

The Cincinnati Legends of Jeremiah Schmidt - timeless original river songs

Losantaville - a Christmas album - both thoughtful & humorous

Set List

A typical set is one hour. The set includes mostly original songs with some folk covers.