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The best kept secret in music


"Discovering Artists"

“With a well-refined hard rock and roll sound, Jake Stigers has a lot to offer. “Do You Feel High” has mass appeal potential, with smooth riffs and Stigers voice; a well-oiled piece of rock-n-roll machinery. His lyrics are filled with wit and edge, and his sound is certainly eclectic. The title track, “Comin’ Back Again”, is backed up by a swirling mass of electrical guitars, toned down from the rest of the songs on the album. In it, Stigers sings about the familiarity of coming back to the simpler things in life. Don’t expect bellowing tunes about romance in this album, because although the theme of love is mentioned, Stigers is more interested in exploring his life and his observations - definitely revitalizing. There’s a whole lot of electric guitar happening throughout the songs. Is it classic rock-n-roll? Are those bluegrass undertones? Is he singing the blues? Ah, it adds to the assorted charm, however you categorize it. - www.discoveringartists.com


New York Rocker Jake Stigers is not your average pop/rock, no he's a cool power pop rocker that could be the result if Mick Jagger, Stever Miller and Danny Wilde got together and made an album. There are some Rembrandts in there, also a potion of Rolling Stones spiced up with New Jersey rock and roll. His songs are very catchy, but also smoking small club rocking so it never gets too polished like many radio friendly singer/songwriters can be. "Do You Feel High" opens his debut and what can I say, I had to look to see if Danny Wilde was the composer because it echoes Rembrandts all the way to the Grand Canyon....superhit kinda song if you get my point.
Jake likes to knock on the door to the Rolling Stones on songs like "Another Negotiation", We Don't Need Anybody", and "That Aint' Livin", I think Keith Richards would be full of envy if he heard this stuff coz it could be classic Stones stuff. The standout track of the album is "Marlena" with major cool Fender rhodes piano and Jake's marvellous falsetto vocals making this a mighty enjoyable blues based song-like having Lenny Kravitz jamming with Ben Folds and the power pop masters Spymob as the rhythmsection.

You get 10 songs on "Comin' Back Again" that make this record a well worth check up". - www.melodic.net

"New York Daily News"

"If you want to see why frontman Chris Robinson is such a fan of Jake Stigers and the Velvet Roots, you can. The Brooklyn boy with the Mick Jagger-meets-Bill Withers sound plays Fez the next four Wednesday nights". - Rusch & Molloy

"Pulse Weekly"

Jake Stigers sits near a windowsill, genlty strumming an unplugged electric guitar in the picture on the front of Stigers' Comin' Back Again. This is a little misleading. After seeing the picture, I anticipated a standard singer/songwriter type of record, but anticipations are sometimes wrong. Fortunately, Stigers delivers with something a little bit different.

He's a singer/songwriter at heart, but he loves the full band, and he does a damn good job of combining both. His songs are beyond catchy, and he mixes many elements into them, crafting a large body of work that ranges from pure power-pop to Rolling Stones-like blues-rock. (On We Don't Need Anybody, his voice sounds like Mick Jagger's.) - Nick Rose


"I have taken a listen and all I can say is that it's very difficult to hide genius". - It'sAboutMusic.com

"Time Out New York"

"Stigers plays rock without apologies, seamless songs with undeniably catchy choruses". - Time Out New York


"Comin' Back Again is an honest album full of raw guitar and emotion and songs that appeal to the heart and to the head. Jake Stigers is an independent artist on the rise". - Todd Seely

"Shut Eye Records"

"Simply put, this album rocked our socks off. Seldomly do we get the pleasure of reviewing a CD that we enjoy flawlessly from start to finish. Jake Stigers exemplies the fun, buoyant spirit of alternative pop/rock that we've all missed so dearly.

From the rollicking irreverence of "We Don't Need Anybody" to the narcotic falsetto of Marlena, Comin' Back Again has it all! Jake certainly has a knack for writing infectious tunes - the type of songs that appear modest until your find yourself humming them all day long. While every song is worthy of praise, we're partial to the "We Don't Need Anybody". This is authentic rock n' roll - raucous guitars, snotty vocals, and a hint of that good ol' vintage vitality. Jake Stigers proves that rock n' roll is truly Comin' Back Again.
- Shut Eye Records

"WNTI 91.9FM"

I am listening to your 3 song CD while I am working at my desk. You rock! "Do You Feel High" is just a catchly little tune. Even my boyfriend can't get that song out of his head.

You keep making the music, and I'll keep playing it!

Kara Drake - Kara Drake


"Comin' Back Again".

Tracks with airplay:
Do You Feel High
Another Negotiation
We Don't Need Anybody
Don't Know Where I Belong
That Ain't Livin
Only Wanna Be With You
Flys On Your Skin


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jake Stigers (ASCAP)

Just one listen to Jake Stigers and you’re a fan. Catch a live show, and you’re a fan for life! Jake’s melody-driven, hook-laden tunes will keep you singing for days. Now, with his latest release, Comin’ Back Again, over 200 live performances in the past 18 months, a mailing list with 10,000 subscribers and over 5,000 copies sold, the response from the press, radio and fans has been unanimous: “Stigers does not disappoint.” Comin’ Back Again was recorded in Brooklyn, NY with producer Nunzio Signore, who has toured and recorded with such acts as Brian McKnight, Kelly Price, Destiny’s Child, Bo Diddley, Will Smith, Tina Turner, Soul to Soul, Keith Sweat, Patty Rothberg, Indina Mezel and many others. Bassist, Ken Rich, featured on several tracks, has recorded with Lou Reed, David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, Shabba Ranks and Deborah Harry. Track #3, “Only Wanna Be With You,” was co-written with older brother Curtis Stigers (Concord), for whom Jake also provided background vocals on Curtis’ album Time Was (Arista).

Stigers grew up in Boise, Idaho listening to every type of music he could get his hands on. He learned to sing in church, with his vocally gifted mother, and after high school he embarked on a 2-year journey as a missionary in Tennessee. Over the course of those 2 years, he was greatly influenced by the people and the music that surrounded him. In particular, the deep soul rock n’ roll of the South--the same music that influenced the sounds of greats like The Rolling Stones—made an impact, and Jake’s vocal performances, guitar riffs and the overall driving force on his latest release have garnered him numerous comparisons to The Stones. During his time as a missionary, he lived in the inner cities, singing with gospel choirs, and spent much of his time working with Habitat For Humanity, Head Start, and troubled youths. His desire to play music was always present, as was his yearning for a more liberated lifestyle, and after two years he opted to leave the missionary life in favor of such pursuits as sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.

Today, Jake’s music is clearly art imitating life. Again and again you can hear where his past experiences resonate in his compassionate lyrics and sweet melodies. He still plays the acoustic guitar that he traded for his bicycle when he ended his mission. Growing up, and throughout his school career, Jake performed in several theatre/musical projects and performed with jazz choirs where he won several singing awards. Once back in Boise, Jake played the local scene before traveling to Seattle and Jackson Hole. Having experienced what it meant to be on the other side of the country from friends and family, he made the decision to move New York City. Shortly thereafter he began playing with his band The Velvet Roots at the renowned Mondo Cane, a Greenwich Village club that produced the likes of Blues Traveler, Joan Osborne and the Spin Doctors. While supporting himself by working as a window washer, Stigers’ powerful vocals and non-stop live performances quickly created a loyal fan base at venues such as: CB’s Gallery, Arlene’s Grocery, Fez, Mercury Lounge, The Bottom Line, Postcrypt Coffeehouse, The Living Room, Don Hill’s, The Bitter End, and Bowery Ballroom, just to name a few.

This summer, backed by Powderfinger Promotions and Tinderbox Music, Jake has launched an enormously successful radio campaign. Comin’ Back Again is in rotation at over 200 college and AAA radio stations across the country. The CD has also charted in the CMJ top 10, at stations from Colorado to Nebraska, California, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maine and rose to #1 in Athens, Ohio. The first track off Jake’s CD, “Do You Feel High,” was also featured on WQ104.3 FM, New York City’s #1 Rock Station as part of Jonathan Clarke’s new music show, “Out Of The Box.” This program features the best in new music and local undiscovered artists. Additionally, ASCAP recognized Jake’s outstanding year with the “ASCAP Plus Award,” which is given out annually to select independent artists chosen by the popular awards panel at ASCAP.