Jakk Swiss
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Jakk Swiss

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Metal




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Shadowshyne- ATX- Men
Gamebred- Last Days of Mercy
Flowmasters Vol. 2
Swisstape Vol' 1
Tony Wrecks- World Collision
Kind Budz- Project Green Gene
Swiss Bronson
Octavel illusion



“Jakk Swiss” is from a hidden utopia located in the heart of Texas - Austin. A city so dense with liberal politics, that he often refers to it as the hippy man land. He contends that so much weed is being smoked at one time here that there is now a traceable amount of THC in the city’s air. “Swiss” put it best by saying the city’s slogan “Keep Austin Weird.” and for its diversity a city couldn’t have a better catch phrase. Capitol city, ATX, 512, whatever you wanna to call it, Austin Texas, is what he plans to rep til da death!!!

Jakk Swiss has been rapping for 12 years. His first step into a real studio was in the Fall of 2002, his Junior year of high school. There he recorded a number of now lost tracks with Phranchyze and N.I.P. Not long after, during they're senior year, they brought Guerilla Maab down to Victory Grill. Ever since then Swiss has kept busy with numerous projects such as Shadowshyne ATX-Men, Flowmasters, Gamebred-Last Days of Mercy, Swisstape vol. 1, Tri-Polar, Kind Budz, Swiss Bronson, Octavel Illusion and features on several other artists projects.

On his very popular "Swisstape" (2009)and follow up album, “Tri-Polar”(2010), Swiss featured many local artists such as Phranchyze, Lord Ronin, Stehanie Salvo, Polar Bear, Rzo, Geeweezy and many more. He later went on to release his group project “The Kind Budz”, which spotlights Rasheed, from Dope House/Deep Entertainment Records, and Devin the Dude entitled “Project Green Gene” in November of 2011

What separates Swiss from an every day MC is the fact that he speaks of prophecy and truth. The purpose of his music is to educate and inform the masses about what’s to come. In order to attain the attention of the people, he feels entertainment needs to be incorporated within the music. He has his hands in many different projects all with completely different sounds. He believes that his diverse talent has separated him into three different musical personas . That is why his first solo album is entitled “Tri-Polar”. His three different personalities are Jakk Swiss, Jakk Jonez and K-Jakk, Each of these individual characters bring a different element to the table which helps keep his options open for future projects. meaning he will not be backed in a corner stuck producing one sound, instead he works with many different styles.

His album, Tri-Polar expresses his political and religious views. While The Kind Budz album shares stories every stoner can relate to ... Period! Not to mention the diversity displayed in his most recent release entitled " Swiss Bronson" in which theme pays tribute to the independent film "Bronson" written to wake you up to the new sound Swiss has created... Incorporating a little bit of everything!!. Currently Swiss is creating one of the two things humanity has to look forward to in the year 2012 "Octavel Illusion" and the other being the end of the world!!

He is currently in the studio recording the " Octavel Illusion" project, which is the merge of himself with Austins top Metal band "Polaris Breach" along with an assortment of Djs local and from out of town. The concept is to bring completely different sounds together, creating an illusion not only seen but heard... hence the name!

Swiss plans to relocate to Portland Oregon early 2013 in hopes to open a new hub for Austin artists to come showcase and network.... Unless the Mayan prophecies are true of course!!

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