Jakob Freely & The Mixtape Bandits
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Jakob Freely & The Mixtape Bandits

Columbus, Ohio, United States | INDIE

Columbus, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"UNSIGNED Music Mag April Review"

Jakob Freely won my heart with their good music and quirkly lyrics. In a really broad way, Jakob Freely reminds me of the Barenaked Ladies. Not in the exact sound, but the irreverence and humor that I find similar and that I really enjoy. Jakob Freely represents some of the best aspects of the indie artist – music that mostly wouldn’t find commercial radio play, but that should have a large and loyal fanbase. I’m raving about Jakob Freely and if you like an alternative kind of sound, after listening to this cd, you will be too - UNSIGNED Music Magazine

"Jakob Freely Drops the Elliot EP"

Jakob Freely has continued to produce addicting, melodic, upbeat hits with its new record, The Elliot EP. Its seasoned blend of pop, rock and folk sounds is perfected with this new hit record.

Jakob Freely released the long awaited The Elliot EP on April 5. The record is a compilation of the band's most popular hits, reworked and recorded to studio precision. Veteran fans of the band will love hearing their favorite songs in a new way, and first-time listeners will be instantly addicted to Jakob Freely’s catchy pop sound as well.

The Elliot EP starts out strong with the melodic pop hit “Dogfarm.” “Dogfarm” was inspired by lead singer Dave Huffman’s relationship with his wife. “My wife told me one day that she wanted a ‘Dogfarm.’ I really had no idea what that was, but now we have 2 dogs, so I think I'm starting to get her drift. She just wants a shit-load of them,” Dave said.

The tune is about the everyday quirks in a relationship. The lyrics are relatable and the song itself is energy-driven and fun. “Dogfarm” will resonate in listeners’ heads long after the track ends.

“Ava” is a song about lead guitarist Bobby Huffman’s two-year-old daughter, Ava. The lyrics are a look into the future, and Dave wrote them as an uncle giving advice to his niece. The band’s folk influence is evident in this song, where new addition of the mandolin to the tracks on The Elliot EP stands out. Jakob Freely’s sense of humor also emerges in this song, with lyrics such as “hide your favorite drugs in your drawer, your father won't keep them, but he might do them” -- a reference to Bobby.

“Radio” is a successful mix of folk and pop music. The lyrics speak somewhat comically of the fights and pains that can arise in a relationship. However, it points out that, ultimately, these things don’t matter because, as the lyrics state, “you are the best thing I've ever seen.” As with other tracks on The Elliot EP, “Radio” manages to speak of a deeper issue while still evoking a positive feeling and mood.

“Clark’s Predicament” is a folk song that tells the story of a man named John from St. Cloud, Minn. John posts himself at the corner of Division Street, outside a Dairy Queen and clad in a Superman outfit. Dave explains that after 9/11, John felt it was his duty to protect the state, throughout which John’s character is famous. This hit demonstrates Jakob Freely’s lighthearted nature. As individuals, the members of Jakob Freely do not take themselves too seriously, and this attitude comes out in their music as well.

Every student can relate to the song “Mr. Wizard.” “This is your cliché ‘I've lost my way song’ that I tried very hard to make ‘un-cliché,’” Dave said.

“Mr. Wizard” manages to be upbeat while speaking of drowning one’s sorrows in “magic potion,” something most students are sure to have experienced. “Mr. Wizard” is fast-paced and addictive.

The record, as a whole, leaves listeners with an unshakable, optimistic feeling. The energetic nature of each hit will instantly shake away any bad mood. “Their upbeat, bouncy sound may free you from a care in the world, be careful, you may start being late for things when you buy this disc," Dave Nourse said on the The Mojo Radio Show of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Jakob Freely recorded The Elliot EP in Athens’ own 3 Elliot studios with producer Josh Antonuccio. “He's a great musician and producer. He helped a ton by suggesting certain parts and mixing the songs in a way to help them,” lead singer Dave said of Antonuccio.

The band also further enhanced their sound on this record by adding Zeke Hutchison on mandolin and Todd Sams on banjo and mandolin, along with permanent members lead singer Dave Huffman, lead guitar Bobby Huffman and percussionist Dennis Foreman. The band has found a perfect balance with the additional instruments. Their sound adds extra flavor to each track, and the record also has an underlying bluegrass feel that further instills the addicting nature of each song.

Jakob Freely hopes to broaden their fan base with this record. “The music on this disc is certainly better than the last. Everything about it is improved, the song structure, instrumentation, lyrics," Huffman said of his hopes for the new record. "Hopefully, it will take us back into film, TV, etc. Or maybe a nice little distribution deal with a small label.”

The Elliot EP is available for purchase on Jakob Freely’s Web site, jakobfreely.com. Fans caught the live version of these hits and many more on April 13 at the Blue Gator, wher Jakob Freely opened for renowned Oval Opus.

- SpeakEasy Magazine

"Jakob Freely Readies for Mankato Peformance"

Brother's Dave and Bobby Huffman are musical nomads, making music and entertaining crowds with their brand of acoustic pop that not only attracts crowds, they also make friends at every stop. One listen and it's easy to see why these two brothers are easy to befriend, they are fun. The music is distinctably upbeat, melodic and refreshing. These boys are certainly on the road to musical success and amazingly too, they don't even live in the same state. - Applauze Magazine

"Jakob Freely prepares for lights, camera, action"

Performing a mixture of orginal songs and modern pop music, local band Jakob Freely entertained the mostly under 30-something crowd last weekend at Cardo's Restaurant and Bar. For the band, this was it's last local performance before heading off to be part of an independent film - "Will to Power"- being filmed in Raleigh, N.C. The movie will be featured at the Sundance Film Festival in January, and negotiations are under way to have the film distributed by Warner Bros. and New Regency after its debut. - Chillicothe Gazette

"Freely on Film"

Who or what Jakob Freely is isn't really a secret. Brothers Dave and Bobby Huffman, who coined the name for their acoustic guitar duo, however, definitely keep fans guessing.

The musicians actually concocted the name, and an elaborate myth to go along with it, based on a fictional chance meeting with an inebriated gnome.

The name Jakob Freely was established in 2002, around the time Dave was wrapping up his college career in Ohio. Nowadays, Dave admits Jakob Freely's name merely stemmed from boredom during one of his college psychology courses.

A year of touring regional college-town bars helped the duo develop a fan base.

Their shows, a CD and the mystique surrounding the band also lead to bigger and brighter adventures for the pair -- including a spot in an upcoming movie.

And neither brother minds being the subject of attention -- even if it's just gossip about who exactly Jakob Freely is.

"We'll go along with it," said Dave, 25, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. "I think the story behind it is there isn't a story behind it because there's so many different ones going around."

The pair insists the music's always about having fun; whether it involves having fun by playing hip-hop medleys that fuse Notorious B.I.G., Tupac and Snoop songs, or by writing and performing their own tunes.

"One thing we try not to do is be like everybody else," said 23-year-old Bobby, who plays lead guitar and lives in the brothers' native Ohio. "We always were just a duo, but we always had to try to find ways to separate us from the pack. We would take a hip-hop song and turn it into an acoustic version."

Only three months after releasing their self-titled CD in May, the brothers were headed for the silver screen. They debut in a party scene in "Will To Power," where the two play their tunes in the background.

The duo's songs, "Look Both Ways," "Photographs" and "Fish," are also pegged for the soundtrack.

"When it comes to stuff like that, it was somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who had given somebody our CD," Dave said about landing the movie deal.

The indie film, which stars Linda Blair ("The Exorcist") and Jerry Mathers ("Leave it to Beaver"), is set to run at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival in January. It tells the story of a college professor who has challenged his criminal psychology class to concoct the perfect murder.

Beyond their film debut, the pair is working on a sophomore CD, which Dave describes as a little more melodic.

"Not serious, but not as rhythmic," he said.

There are also talks of a college promotional tour.

The ultimate goal? To make music a full-time gig.

"Just to keep it pretty basic," Dave said. "Our biggest goal would be to make a living and make a long-term career out of it."

- INTake Weekly - Indianapolis

"Jakob Freely Turns Up Heat at The Donkey"

According to their catch phrase, Jakob Freely promises “drop it like it’s hot acoustic pop.” On Saturday night, the trio definitely brought the heat to the back room at The Donkey.

Despite an unexpected turnout, the band took the stage a little after 10 p.m. and for the next hour and a half, provided an entertaining show full of great music, good stories and wacky sounds.

The guys kicked off the show with a song called “Mr. Wizard,” followed by “Radio.” Leading into each song, Dave Huffman (lead vocals) told the story behind its lyrics. Before “Radio,” he explained that after his own rendition of Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You,” he proposed to his wife on her morning talk show.

Another story, equally entertaining but without the “aw, how sweet!” factor was the story behind “Clark’s Predicament.” The song paints a picture of a faux Superman who can be found in the streets of St. Cloud, Minn. The story of St. Cloud Superman involves Dairy Queen, a fire hydrant and a restraining order—the perfect ingredients for a great song.

As the show went on, Jakob Freely continued to keep the audience hooked. The dynamics of the music and the show itself were perhaps the most entrancing quality. The atmosphere was both high energy and mellow. It was heart-warming and thoughtful, playful and fun – and all at the same time.

The band continued with a few touching songs, beginning with “Desolate,” a song about Dave and Bobby Huffman’s grandma. “I liked it,” sophomore Katie Davis said. “It made me think of my grandma.” Next was a track written for and named after Bobby’s daughter (Dave’s niece), two-year-old Ava.

“I don’t want to be left alone/ With nothing but memories/ And faded out pictures of you,” Dave sang in the tear-jerking yet beautiful song, “Photograph.” Dave had unfortunately acquired a “throat thing,” but even after apologizing in advance for his illness, his voice was wonderfully solid, and with his vocals and Bobby’s accompaniment and harmonies filled the room, it was apparent that these guys weren’t just singing words from a page; they were singing their feelings as well.

As the two brothers sang their hearts out, Dennis Newly, the newest addition to the band, played his heart out on the Djembe drums. “The drums were really unique,” sophomore Jen Zaacks said. In addition to Dave’s stories, the time between songs was also filled with some crazy noises from “Dennis’ magic drum machine.” A “Chinese mode” and nature sounds were among some of the things heard coming from the “machine,” as well as some different drum beats, prompting a brief but ever so hip dance by Dave. “Sometimes I feel ‘gangsta’ when he does that,” he said.

As the show began to come to an end, the band played a song called “Dog Farm,” again inspired by Dave’s wife. This song called for a little audience participation. “So if you want to get up here and drop it like it’s hot…” invited Dave. None were so bold, but when it came time to sing along, everyone chimed in singing, “Run, run, run run!”

Jakob Freely wrapped up the show with their final number, “Chase,” and then stepped off the stage to chat with a very pleased audience. The guys were very personable, asking for names and engaging in conversations with their newfound fans.

The guys are no strangers to Athens. According to Bobby, they usually play at the Blue Gator at least once a quarter. “MySpace is going to rule the earth,” prophesized Dave as he explained that MySpace is responsible for about 75 percent of the guys’ self-esteem.

Be sure to check them out, especially if you’re in the mood for some great music. Jakob Freely is sure to satisfy any music taste, from Indie gurus to Hanson fans, and new listeners will soon find themselves adding Jakob Freely to their list of favorite bands.


For more information, visit the band’s Web site at JakobFreely.com or their MySpace atwww.myspace.com/jakobfreely.

- Stephanie Mislevy - SpeakEasy Magazine


2003 - Jakob Freely Live @ Cardo's (Dogfarm Records)
2005 - Jakob Freely (Torch Records)
2007 - The Elliot EP (Dogfarm)
2008 - Look Both Ways (Dogfarm)



After spending the better part of three years touring the Midwest and releasing albums as an acoustic trio, Jakob Freely felt the time was right to fill out their sound. Taking some time off the road, the boys solicited the help of The Mixtape Bandits (a funk, rock, jazz, and reggae quartet), wrote and rehearsed new material, and in late September of 2007, ducked back into 3 Elliott Studio in Athens, OH to record their third studio release, Look Both Ways.

With producer/engineer Josh Antonuccio at the helm (Bradley Hathaway, Southeast Engine), the boys kept their original focus on melody with a new goal to produce full, engaging songs. “This was the first time we had the money to do exactly what we wanted in the studio without watching the clock...” says Dave.

A 12 song LP, Look Both Ways (summer 2008) has 8 brand new songs, alongside 4 previously released and reworked tunes. Sitting amongst the 4 previously released tunes is crowd favorite sing-a-long Dogfarm which was previously released as an acoustic version on the Elliot EP (Dogfarm Records).

The record also has a few cameos, most notable of which is Fuzzy Sammuels who has shared the stage and been employed by the likes of CSNY, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton to name a few. “He was actually the bass player for CSNY’s song Ohio...” Dave states. “Pretty surreal...it was nice to have his input.”

Thus far the biggest highlight of the new material seems to be the stompy alt/country feel of Underground, written after the boys split with their former management. “This song is really the anti-thesis of everything they wanted us to be, “ “So we obviously really like it.” Dave laughs.

Releasing the album on their own label Dogfarm Records, the boys hit the road heavy again during the summer and fall of 2008 on a 25 city tour to promote the release. Stops included several Ohio cities alongside Minneapolis MN, Chicago IL, Nashville TN, Savannah GA, Charleston SC, and Asheville N.C. to name a few.

For more information or to preview songs from the album, visit JakobFreely.com or Myspace.com/jakobfreely.


What People Are Saying About Look Both Ways

"Fans will be surprised at the new electric feel to some of Jakob Freely's old favorites. The once acoustic “Always Coming By” starts out similarly, but as the first chorus ends the song explodes with a robust electric guitar riff, practically knocking fans out of their seats. Title track “Look Both Ways” has a stronger, smoother backdrop, producing just a bit more enthusiasm. “Chase” and “Don’t Push” are two never before recorded tracks on the album that successfully blend the old acoustic Jakob Freely with the rock'n'roll vibe of The Mixtape Bandits."

-Kelly Vormelker Speakeasy Online Magazine

"Best of all is "Underground." Over a beat with a skip in its step, the band breaks out a symphony of oohs and ahs, multilayered guitars and countless hidden sounds that emerge with each new listen. It all coalesces into a shimmering pop outro that no one could confuse with the work of a patchouli-scented acoustic duo."

-Chris Deville Columbus Alive

“This is by far Jakob Freely’s best songwriting and most sophisticated arrangements to date...”
- Brian Butts Cincinnati.com

“this is a classy album that is well produced and appeals to a wide range of music styles.”
- Appluaze Magazine