Jakuzi's Attempt

Jakuzi's Attempt


"Jakuzi's Attempt can be described as an "aphex infant prodigy" that is declaiming and screaming and bears resemblance to an opulent baroque austrian monster, tourists could easily confuse with mozart."


Jakuzi’s Attempt starts out as a four-piece band in September 2004. First live appearances follow a year later in September 2005. The self-release of their debut EP in March 2006 brings them a number of enthusiastic reviews in web based as well as in printed music related magazines and fanzines.
November 2006 they hit the road for a three week European tour around UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria.
Shortly after a one week tour in February 2007 singer Johannes quits due to personal reasons. Martin, Sancho and Markus decide to continue as trio. They’ve got a month time to rearrange the set as the next tour is already booked, starting on the 31st of March. That is also the release date for the remixed and remastered vinyl version of the debut EP, released by Wire Globe Recordings. The two week tour through Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany goes off very well and leaves no doubt about the bands continuity as trio.
During the following months, Markus, Sancho and Martin concentrate on writing new material.
In September 2007 Jakuzi’s Attempt head off on a three week tour through Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK and France, doing shows amongst others with The Locust, Unsane, Otto von Schirach, Knut, Get Hustle, Trencher and Black Heart Rebellion.
The Band is currently working on new material.

Jakuzi's attempt is to create an abstract adventure land within a
postmodern capitalist society that has come so far that reality has to be
labeled as such. Authenticity in its clear form is seen as provocation.

Described as sick, deranged and even schizophrenic, the bands live
performance has to be understood as the exact opposite. Namely the release from
social neurosis and the restrictive walls around us. Autobiographically these very issues can without a doubt be located as forcing powers.
Moreover irony, an essential conceptual element, appears as a link between the two extremes mentioned above.

Jakuzi’s Attempt is an open concept, calling on you to be part of it.
The self titled EP has just been (self) released, and represents the bands
approach to music, art and communication.


"Jakuzi's Attempt" CDEP (self-released, 2006)
"Jakuzi's Attempt" EP, remixed and remastered on green vinyl (WGR 01, 2007)

Set List

Current (August 07) setlist:

Try Now
Land There
Taste The Aphex Infant Prodigy

~ 35 min