Jalapeno Compadres

Jalapeno Compadres


We write our own songs in the Americana fashion as it is played on such stations as Texas Rebel Radio od KNBT Radio New Braunfels. If you like John Hiatt, John Mellencamp, Calvin Russell, Chris Knight, Steve Earle, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Band Of Heathens etc. you might like our music, too.


The Jalapeño Compadres have become a real band in the summer of 2008. Starting out with Baeda & Alex in 1996, it took some time to pave the way for Americana music on our home turf. Now, the folks seem to be ready for it. With Christian & Robert the Jalapeño Compadres won some of the most proficient local musicians and extra nice guys around. We're right into firin' up Texas-style Americana in our region!

Where it all began:
Back in the early 80s I heard Waylon & Willie sing “Back To The Basics of Love, Let's Go To Luckenbach, Texas”. “Well”, I thought to myself, “if this place is anywhere near to what the song is all about, Luckenbach must be my center of the world”. It didn't take long till I headed out for my first-time-ever trip to Texas and the Hill Country - must've been in the late 80s. As soon as I got there I knew them outlaws were right about what they sang. The Hill Country to me turned out to be a whole other country than I had expected – a wonderful stretch of smooth rollin' hills where Folk, Country, R & B, Blues, Rock, Conjunto etc. blended into a unique musical atmosphere inspiring to anyone who has ever strummed a six-string. I caught fire immediately, became a fan of the FAN, Texas Rebel Radio, and Americana music. J. D. Gilmore, J. Ely, R. E. Keen, G. P. Nunn, Texas Tornados - thank you guys, I owe you many a good time. A songwriter myself, I kinda grew into that Texas and Americana musical spirit. I kept writing songs by the dozen, but needed someone to give 'em that Texas kickin' edge. Then along came Alex, a string wizard with his musical roots deeply planted in Ireland. Though playing a whole other music before (Rory Gallagher – the Irish Blues legend; Jethro Tull …), it didn't take more than a few shots of ol' Irish whisky to talk him into that Texas thang: Born were the Jalapeño Compadres!


Road To Love

Written By: Guenter Schaufler


Out where the highway meets the sky
There´s a sign by the road
As it says “Point of no Return”
I know that I must go

Beyond this point there is the wild frontier
The great and white unknown
I´m lured to follow down this mystic path
I know that I must go

Is this the Road to Love
Where dreams come true at last
Will the trip be worth the fare
Or will perdition wait at last
We´ll wait and see what´s gonna pass

We´d like to know what lies ahead of us
And straighten out the bends
But life has never been a straight white line
Sometimes we have to jump a fence



What if we knew our future?
Would we take any chances?
Would we fight for love anymore?


I Wish I Was A Cowboy

Written By: Guenter Schaufler


Sometimes my mind fades back into the old days
When the West was wild and a man was free
When they had trails instead of black top highways
That would have been the world of me

Cowboys and Indians, saints and sinners
Were at the focus of my boyhood dreams
Just didn’t like the whites to always be the winners
But it would have been the world of me

CHORUS I wish I was a cowboy
Ridin’ on the plains
I could hear the wind blow
It’s runnin’ thru my veins

I’d ride out in the sunset
Just like the Western heroes do
I wish I was a cowboy
Lassoing the moon

This damn old world has turned into a snake pit
Where we sacrifice human dignity
A life of greed, lies and bullshit
Sure ain’t a world that’s made for me


BRIDGE Oh, thru the night I hear coyote howlin’
This long hard ride goes on and on
Oh, thru the night I hear a thunder rollin’
This ride I’m on



I wish I was a cowboy
Lassoing the moon


Texas Tales & Other Lies (2003)
The Ride (2010)