Jalapeno Schwartz

Jalapeno Schwartz

 Fort Davis, Texas, USA

Mysterious literate songs. Dedicated to the craft of the lyric. Lyrics do matter. Why waste a listener's time with something that doesn't matter?? They should move you. Make you laugh, cry think or feel all without being obvious and predictable!


Played in early garage bands during the mid 1960's. Heavy into soul music and intricate English instrumental arrangements. As a kid I wrote lyrics by the score. Trouble is I didn't know they were lyrics! I didn't know what they were! Put off music until later on when I returned to Kerrville Folk Festival. There I was first exposed to the works of Dave Carter, Danny Schmidt and Sofia Echegaray. Totally blew my mind away.


Tracts are streaming on Myspace at Jalapeno Schwartz

Set List

Primarly orgional songs, with a minimal number of covers, mostly by Dave Carter, Townes VanZandt and Terry Allen