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Jalen McMillan

Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Miami, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Album Review: Jalen McMillan Genesis"

July 1st will forever be remembered as the day Jalen McMillan released “Genesis”

The demand for a debut tape from a nobody crashed not only the internet, but the whole universe for the night. Singer, songwriter, producer & actor Jalen McMillan instantly rose to global pop superstardom

Beginning with the ever so dreamy soft synthesizer in his opening track “Give It To Me” the instrumental instantly showcases Jalen McMillan’s beauty & brilliance as a record producer “Give it to me”

Jalen repeatedly gossips displaying his desperate desire for fame & fortune. The minimal instrumental built with a low pitched snappy snare continually rises before the chorus, where his reversed reverbed voice faintly echoes between your ear, creating a psychological trance like sensation in your brain. The lyricism & vocal abilities of Jalen kick in strong during the second verse, with the end practically blowing the listener out their seat for an adventurous ride.

“All Over You” & “Lust” also showcase the absolute dazzling songwriting,producing & singing of Jalen. With “Lust” the seductive synthesized intro completely grabs the listeners soul & Jalen’s high falsetto takes you by sheer surprise & absolutely flutters your imagination. The song (which meaning is quite obvious) tells an imaginative story of a girl Jalen lusts for, but the melodies could never be so utterly hypnotizing & enchanting.

During the second verse, Jalen takes a flight to her “Castle” and introduces Jalen to her “pony”. With lyrics younger children will enjoy while older lovers can enjoy while actually understanding what he is saying, it could not have been delivered more brilliantly.

Then comes the finale to the 3:52 second orchestration of Lust, the synthesizer & jalens falsetto join forces & the pinnacle creates a similar climax to God creating the universe with the Big Bang. Dare I say it? It just might be the greatest climax to any song in the history of music. PERIOD. & The remaining 8 kicks to transfer to his next song “Happy & Bad feeling” defines glory

Now with these songs alone, “Genesis” will already be considered a legendary project, but the song that puts it at #1, the song that will be remembered for billions of years to come “Until The End” comes in. From the start of its low-fi hi hat punches, drawn in from the “Give It To Me” ending to the vocals, to the actual meaning of the record blows me away. After the ear popping hi hats I was memorized by the absolute mastery of the brass ensemble. Then those chords, those chords of the dominating synthesizer that magically possesses you through the song come in, and this…. this is the SINGLE GREATEST SOUND that has ventured into human existence

The lyrics of Jalen are so over obsessive, as he moans “Until The End Of Time” through the opening hook, which is a titanic statement considering his young age. Shortly after the pulsating kick drum beats at every 4 steps morphing the original dominating synth tune to a instant pop smash hit. The obsessive lyrics continue during the first verse, as jalen beautifully sings he would do anything, including cross the sea just for the love of this un named girl to continue forever. After a couple elaborately placed hand claps & beat stutters, the hook times in perfectly. The second verse continues the lyrical dominance, with jalen taking complete control over the girl & using his God like powers to capture her soul. A synth rise transfers the song into the once again mystifying hook

The third verse takes a major similarity from Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” ending verse, with low pass filters & effects to generate a completely different, spacious & foreign sound. Upon completion of verse three, Jalen’s promise is concealed & nothing will change it. The greatest song of recoded history euphorically continues to move through various transitions & drum patterns, captivating the human mind. Transition to the hook, & the song reaching a time of7:42 slowly sadly fades away……

This is my first perfect score, and I mean of all human existence. It is mind boggling to think this guy is only 19 & he produced, wrote, arranged & performed every song. Half of which were completed at 18
If this is the first review you read of this project ( which I’m sure there are thousands more to come ) just know I told you first, Jalen McMillan – “Genesis” will forever be remembered & regarded as “The Greatest Debut Project of Recorded History”

- Kurt Lodger
- See more at: http://www.thaproducesection.com/album-review-jalen-mcmillan-jalenmcmillan-genesis/#sthash.KsiFGrxs.dpuf - Thaproducesection


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jalen McMillan (born December 24, 1994) is an American record producer, recording artist, songwriter, composer, philanthropist and actor. Jalen has written masterpieces in almost every genre. Jalen has high octane vocals and has gained universal fame for his ferocious hard pounding production, multiple digital vocal enhancements and tireless stage presence. His contributions to popular music, fashion, along with his publicized personal life, make him a global figure. He has written several hundred songs and produces and records his own music. With a very diverse subject matter, Jalen creates mass appeal for generations of music lovers. Jalen profoundly influenced the development of many different musical genres. He is one of the most celebrated musicians of the 20 & 21st century. Commercially successful in many genres. His distinctive sound and style has influenced numerous hip hop, post-disco, R&B, Pop, dream pop and rock artists. Jalen is considered the most gifted musical genius in history, as well as the most famous genius of any field in history. The lyricism of Jalen is often in regard to his riches, fame, fantasy, past relationships and his glamorous lifestyle. He is the greatest of all composers, of all recorded history, because of the intellectual depth of his music, the technical demand, and the artistic beauty. Jalen often terms his sounds as “Musical Dreams“.

 On May 8th, 2014 Jalen McMillan announced the official release date & artwork for his debut project “Genesis” via his official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. The artwork quickly caused worldwide controversy, as it only displayed a pair of lips and his name in cursive writing form. Multiple online blogs and publications refused to upload & support this move due to the disturbing nature of the image. On May 18th he began promoting his next single “All Over You” which released May 24th 2014. The single was a huge commercial success and defining moment in his rise to superstar status. “All Over You” is a song about a beautiful girl Jalen was sexually obsessed over and frequently dreamed about, however when she suddenly dies one day, Jalen is heartbroken and reminisces on the times they had in his dreams. Through the song their obsession becomes more and more prevalent as the girl says she will give Jalen his soul to become famous, to which Jalen says he does not have that amount of power. The instrumental was produced at one of Jalens friend’s house after a sad rainy day. Jalen originally recorded a demo one night with his engineer and a girl he liked at the EOS studios, later adding overdubs and multiple synthesizers and filters. It features a sample from Genuine’s “Pony “, along with a robotic toned Jalen rapping and singing. The song is dominated by his synthesized and digitally enhanced vocals, almost sounding robotic like. The song also features an instrumental breakdown after the 3rd verse. Consisting of Jalen’s signature kick drum and snare the extended version lasts for around 3 minutes before Jalen adds the synthesizers and the hook jumps in. “ All Over You “ is generally regarded as a masterpiece and has been universally acclaimed while also dubbed as one of the greatest fantasy love songs of all time.

Initially intended for a buyer’s only release, on June 29th 2014, Jalen McMillan posted a status update on Facebook saying “If this post gets 5000 likes, we will upload the full free stream to Genesis upon its release” to which the status update received over 10,000 likes from his now worldwide fan base within the first couple seconds. Upon release on July 1st “Genesis” gained millions of plays & likes within the first week on his official SoundCloud page. On July 8th the project was released as a free download and generated over 10,000 downloads within the first 3 hours.

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