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Jali Ensemble

Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel | SELF

Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel | SELF
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The first album out now!

Jali Ensemble Live - Feeling Of Life!
includes 8 tracks from a live show in tel aviv, israel.



How it all began

Eran Kats was always interested in music from across the globe. He was attracted to new and unfamiliar sounds, and after completing his mandatory enlistment he was constantly searching for sounds, instruments and cultures he was not familiar with. In 2003, he traveled to India and Nepal for a period of 16 months, during which he was exposed to Indian culture and music. He began his personal transformation and his creation became rich with new musical ideas. In 2005 he traveled again to India to resume his journey to find new and exotic sounds.

On his return at the end of 2005, Eran founded his first band named "Many Waters", for which he created and composed music combining many different styles. Especially dominant were the Indian-Arabic elements he intensely assimilated during his trips. After 3 years of activity, one album and countless live performances, the band was disbanded.

Soon after (2008), Eran traveled to Africa to study the African influences that have been gestating inside of his music recently. He was listening to many African artists for a while, including Salif Keita, Tumani Diabate and Ali Farka Toure and wanted to explore further. He traveled along with the African-Israeli group "Bangura", that hosts the African master Sabula Bangura, to a month and a half of musical seminar in Gambia (a small country in western Africa). During the seminar, Eran fell in love with the African harp, the Kora, and began studying it intently.

Eran later moved to Senegal to continue his musical studies, where he studied the kora for 3 months under Aleu Gazamass. During his stay he became familiar with Senegal music and culture, and at that time the idea was formed to start a band playing world music with African influences. The name of the band, J'ali, originated there, meaning "The music people" in the local dialect - a common call he received while walking the streets with his Kora.

Upon returning to Israel, Eran spent 10 months recruiting the perfect collection of musicians for his band, each amazing in his own way. The members include - Ilan Kean, Dor Assaraf, Yarom Ittah, Dor Kelman, Meytal Rahamin and Eran himself. Today, J'ali Ensemble is an exciting and active group, presenting a unique and mesmerizing musical performance. The first Album is finishing production soon, and will be published in late 2010.

Band Members:

Eran Kats - Composer, lyricist, lead vocal, guitar and kora player

Founder of J'ali, age 29

Eran's musical background was shaped during extended trips around the world, mainly in India and western Africa (Senegal and Gambia). He was educated formally at Rimon - School of Jazz and contemporary music, during the years 2005-2006. In 2005, Eran founded an ethnic band named Many Waters playing original music he composed and arranged. The band was disbanded in 2008 after many live performance and having a loyal and enthusiastic audience.

Currently, Eran plays in several musical production in Israel and Europe and leads professional sing-alongs.
Composed and produced soundtrack music for several Israeli movies including "Room For One" by Anat Ronko, "A Vanishing world" by Miri Aharon and others.

At J'ali Ensemble, Eran plays classic and electric guitar, and the African harp - the kora, which he learned to play during his stay in Africa. His playing style and compositions are influenced by Ali Farka Toure and Paul Simon.

Yarom Ittah – Percussions, Vocal

Percussions and drums player, age 34

Yarom studied drumming at the Arad and Rahovot Conservatorium in Israel. At 2001 he traveled to Africa to study African percussion instruments at Burkina Faso (western Africa) and attended several seminars by the known African percussionists Memadi Keita. Many different world-wide influences and especially from Africa and Cuba are apparent in his play. He is highly proficient in a wide range of playing styles and instruments, including - African percussions (Djembe, Talking drum, dun-dun, Sangbang and others), Latin percussions (Bongos, Conges, Triangle), Arabic percussions (Darbuca, Daf, Prime, Dram) and others.

Yarom playes with many known Israeli And international artists, including Rita, Marina Maximilian Blumin, Jazz saxophonist Abate Berihun, "Common bond", Lila Malcus Miri Mesica, Kobi Afflalo, Ohad Hitman, “Sulma”, , “Kimbombo” (Salsa band). He performed worldwide at such avenues as the Otwo Jazz festival in Canada, the dead-sea Jazz festival in Eilat, Jazz Avian in South Africa, numerous festivals in France, England, Spain, U.S.A, New Mexico and more.

Dor Assaraf - Soprano Saxophone, Flute

Saxophone and flute player, composer and arranger. Age 25

Graduate of the Petah-Tikva Conservatorium in Israel, specializing in classical music. A student of Peter Wertheimer and Pianist John Bostock in improvisation and Jazz. Plays tenor, alto and soprano saxophone, as well as the flute.

Influenced by Jewish, Turkish, Arabi