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Jalin Roze

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My music is a self portrait of the city in which I live (Louisville, KY). I make music to uplift people the way that music once did for me. I've said once before that "the highs and lows I seem to balance it all" in description to my music; that is still prevalent today. When people think of a rapper thats from Kentucky the first thing they can think of is a very southern, country type of MC but that is the furthest thing from my music.


James Lindsey Jr. better known as Jalin Roze was born April 22nd at around 3a.m. at the University of Louisville hospital. He was named after his father James Sr. but his mother preferred the family to call him by his middle name “Arthur”. Once born his parents moved to Norfolk, a low-income neighborhood in Louisville’s southside. Growing up Jalin’s household was always full of music. His mother would frequently play Luther Vandros, Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur and Barry White to name a few.

Music was always a part of Jalin’s childhood. As a kid he would always walk around trying to make objects in the house rhyme together. He found his love for rap when he was riding in a Jeep with his cousin and he heard Gangstarr for the first time…love at first sound. He began to get into battles at his high school lunchroom and began to make a name for himself.

His first project entitled the Blouprint was an ode to one of his favorite artists Jay-Z which was Jalin rapping his own style over Jay-Z beats. The Blouprint turned a lot of heads but it was just the beginning of the emcee’s career. His second project Few and far Between was really where Jalin found his flow as well as found his sound with his producer Josh Larock. Few and Far Between was spear headed by the “Taxi” freestyle which gained national attention. His third installment, The Brilliance, was the most well received of his works. Gaining honors of best mixtape of 2011 on several sites the Brilliance was perceived as a classic. Jalin is currently working on his next project GrandNationalDreams due to release 2012.