Madrid, Madrid, ESP
SoloClassicalNew Age

I make music with piano and computers. My songs are relaxing, melodic, rhythmic and minimalist. Some of my musical influences are Wim Mertens, Philip Glass and Yann Tiersen. www.jaloes.com


Jaloes is best known for his singular sound and his contemporary classical works made with piano and computers, influenced by elements from minimalism and post-minimalist music. His debut album, Weather, was self produced and released in 2009, with original pieces of relaxing, melodic and rhythmic music, built with layers of electronic patterns and repetitive piano chords. He is planning to self-release his second album, Solo Piano.

His work is most influenced by american and european minimalist composers such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Wim Mertens, Yann Tiersen and Ludovico Einaudi, but he enjoys listening to every genre of music including classical, jazz, blues, progressive rock and new age.

Jaloes lives in Madrid with his wife and his daughter. He has a day job as an engineer in the telecommunications industry, a work he likes and finds very satisfying, while he finds time to make and produce his music. He appreciates all the people who support him and listen to his music.

He was born in 1967 in Almeria, Spain, and he earned his engineering degree in Madrid in 1992. He plays the piano and has learned the principles of music, but his ear training and composition skills have been principally self-taught. He is affiliated with the spanish performing rights organization SGAE, and has licensed songs to several companies and music libraries.

Jaloes sometimes writes a blog about his music and some other music he likes, called A place for instrumental minimalism.

The music of Jaloes is available for streaming and purchase from his website: