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Jalopy Bungus

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | AFM

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | AFM
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop


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Jalopy Bungus has been on the grind for years, with projects like Home and 2 Thingz 4 Certain taking his local buzz to the internet, showing hip-hop fans worldwide that this kid, truly has the potential to be the next big thing. “No Promises” is the next step in the journey to that stardom coming to fruition.

“No Promises” is short but dense, with everything from references to the Israelites to commentary on societal problems and discrimination. The beat, courtesy of Crust, is minimalist, with a vintage snare, deep sub bass and eerie synth propelling the messages conveyed. Jalopy’s flow is concise and straight to the point, with the pronunciation of every word being as important of the bounce of the beat. But overall, this merely feels like a tease towards Jalopy’s next full-length album SAMSON; the project where everything blows up. - Elevator

"A Review of “Samson” By Jalopy Bungus"

After multiple listens, Samson, holds itself as one of the most mindful and authentic bodies of work to come out of Phoenix. Over ten powerful tracks Jalopy Bungus ties the story of Samson into the content of his mind along with perspectives he portrays of those around him. That’s one of the most prolific aspects of the project itself. Jalopy’s storytelling abilities, especially telling them from the point of view of those who don’t have a voice. Putting his mind into other people’s shoes in a substantial way. Music with a message that is also sonically elegant is the definition of Samson.

No Promises / Samson (Prod. Crust + UziEdwards)
Crust and UziEdwards set the tone with menacing production. I had a feeling this would be the first track. Keeping the visual in mind helps to understand the reasoning. The beat switch is pristine, the skit of Samson’s prophecy is spoken lightly in the background. The beat switches to a more fast pace, Jalopy compares himself to Samson and Malcolm. He’s in a hierarchal mindset, the rhymes reflect this.

No Food February (30 Philistines ) (Prod. UziEdwards)
Samson struck down the 30 philistines, Jalopy comes to strike down a few philistines in particular. First he makes it known he’s been selling out these shows and putting on for the west side of Phoenix. That’s nothing new. He comes straight at a top-tier wack rapper, if you even want to call him a rapper, Futuristic. “How you the face of my state? We don’t respect you n**** / Culture vultures every level this ain’t new or different / I seen this before a lot of this futuristic”. He says what we’ve all been thinking, nobody understands how he made it so far, HE’S TRASH. How do you represent Arizona but do nothing to help Arizona artists?

2 N****Z (Feat. Yung Checo & SD Uchies) (Prod. UziEdwards)
A mellow boom-bap beat for these three emcees to slide over. It’s another one from UziEdwards, he’s already made a statement barely three tracks in. Continuing to represent for the west side, a smooth anthem to everyone who’s got to get it how they live. The first collaboration of the project comes strong. Yung Checo and SD Uchies hold their own on this one.

I, Me Myself (Delilah) (Prod. VerbBoutThat)
VerbBoutThat slows it down for track four with R&B style production. Jalopy gives a look into his view of love. How he distances himself from most. He’s got to test everybody before giving them any affection. Due to a past of mistrust he rides alone. He’s sick of females only coming at him cause the hype over his music. Closing with another reading in relation to Samson’s story.

Cut the Rope! (Feat. Emmitt Dupree) (Prod. Sk8zen)
An illustrious piano loop is played as Emmitt Dupree’s spectacular vocals phase in. Accompanying snaps and a drum kick follows, Sk8zen creates an elaborate balance. Each sound blends impeccably together as Jalopy repeats “My head on fire, my toes on ice / My soul on heavy, I should know better”. He gets straight into reminiscing on prior suicidal thoughts asking himself what he’d do if that was his own son thinking like that. The hardships of his neighborhood are spoken on, the deception of the devil is always present. He speaks on a number of addictions, finally with his. Procrastinating suicide.

Procrastinating Suicide (Feat. Dali) (Prod. Omar The Producer)
The theme of the last cut is followed more in depth. A direct look into his thoughts over a mellow, hypnotizing beat. He never would commit suicide but considers how he could. The thoughts overwhelm his head, the image of the dead never leaves. Dali brings beautiful vocals and an abstract style to the table. Switching from singing to a spoken word poetic effect. Shifting into Jalopy’s next verse with the vocals humming in the background. He speaks over the reasoning for these thought in the first place. Traumatized from all of the experiences and anguish around him. Another reading of Samson closes the song.

Vocal Chords of a Broken Woman (Prod. VerbBoutThat)
VerbBoutThat again with some incredibly soulful production. Jalopy looks from the other side of the spectrum. With heartfelt vocals from Deliyone to add to the sound. Hardships from a woman’s perspective, there are a lot of them. Telling a story of unthinkable pain and suffering. She gets molested by a preacher with nowhere to run to, nobody to tell who will believe it. Jalopy has held nothing back this album so far and shining a light on a topic that is held in the dark is necessary. Finishing the track as he stands up for every woman.

Poor Babies (Feat. Syrin) (Prod. Sk8zen)
Touching on how the world tries to make him feel as if he’s insane. Lost faith and lost mind is what will help you grow. His mental stability is not to be seen as crazy, he’s just misunderstood. He continues to learn how to become at peace with his mind and look after himself. A look of hope is left at the end.

Latarian Milton (The Pillars) (Prod. Charley Brown)
His struggles are brought full circle with the struggles of all black men in this country. The world around him made him hate himself. What has been taught to him has told him nothing but that this country doesn’t care for him. For anybody of color around him, “The cops don’t protect us / President neglect us”. Teaching that this is still the fact to this day, the fallacy of change for those in his position must be exposed. The entire reading of Samson taking the pillars down killing all the Philistines with him is read in closing. His parallel to Samson over the course of the project is executed tremendously from start to finish.

Y.E.P (Yung Educated Pimp) (Feat. Splash Fuego) (Prod. UziEdwards)
Even in his tee, shorts, and slippers he’s still fresh as if he’s in a Versace suit. An uplifting beat ties in with the mood of Jalopy and Splash. The confidence and positive outlook is felt through out this one. After songs filled with pain and sorrow embodied the project. This ends it with a glimpse of hope, more like a stern stare into the future. He knows he has better days on the way and he’ll keep being the best he can until then. - Rosecrans Ave.

"Jalopy Bungus Shows Why Arizona Stays Hot w/ His New Video, “No Promises”"

Entering 2019 with a nothing but determination of his mind, Jalopy Bungus delivers the excellent “No Promises” as he leads up to the release of his tape, SAMSON. Packed full of memorable one-liners and his unrelenting style, Jalopy isn’t letting anyone question his dominance of the AZ scene. “This is my thesis statement… a look inside of what the 2018 of my career looked like…”

Well if this is the thesis statement, we can’t wait to see the essay.

Make sure to go hit play on the video right now and gear up for the tape that could be the tipping point Jalopy needs to take the next step. - The Divine Minds

"Phoenix Hip-Hop Artists to Watch in 2018"

With cadence and flow that could be compared to Tyler, the Creator, Jalopy Bungus hit the scene with strong bars and stage shows that had his name flying out the mouths of his peers and fans alike. Simplistic but strong songs like “Rushmore” and “$ouL Pt. 2,” did a great job introducing Jalopy’s grimy, underground sound to the local community. The stars are aligned for Jalopy to make a lot of noise in 2018. - Phoenix New Times

"FloCast Ep. 48 w/ Jalopy Bungus"

Jalopy Bungus is in a league of his own. He makes dope music, hustles hard, and loves putting other people on. He gets the business side but it doesn't deter him from putting out dope shit like this year's 2 Thingz 4 Certain. The album is Jalopy at his finest. He spits honest raps about his mom's battle with mental health issues, his otherworldly respect for women, and his love for hip hop, which saved his life. We breakdown and dissect a few of the tracks here and talk politics and other stuff. This dude is going places. Listen to the FloCast and you'll understand why. Featuring tracks: RushMore Chicken, Eggs, and Biscuits 2 Thingz 4 Certain clawman Twista 04 Find Jalopy at: https://soundcloud.com/mr-bungus https://twitter.com/Sir_Bungus - Flotivity Media



Jalopy Bungus has been on the grind for years, with projects like Home and 2 Thingz 4 Certain taking his local buzz to the internet, showing hip-hop fans worldwide that this kid, truly has the potential to be the next big thing. Jalopy has strong storytelling abilities, especially telling them from the point of view of those who don’t have a voice. He is able to put his mind into other people’s shoes in a substantial way. His lyrics are vivid, honest, and hard hitting tales of struggle without defeat; growth from pain and suffering. 

I hate me, so I hate you
Nigga that's what pain does
I knew pain way before I knew what pain was
Mama said I'm special, teachers never felt the same
Mama told me imma king, school told me imma slave
That mean somebody lying, I just wanna hear the truth
Wanna believe my mama, but the teachers had proof
When god come back he gon save me too?
Hell nah, Jesus white he prolly hate me too

"Latarian Milton" from Samson

At the age of 17, after flying to New York to perform at the Team Backpack Live Auditions, Jalopy Bungus committed himself to rap. Since then he has released multiple projects, sold out the Crescent Ballroom and Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, and amassed a strong social media and streaming site following. His music has garnered thousands of plays on the strength of little to no paid advertising or promotions. Jalopy is truly a man of the people, propped up by real fans who support his every move. Yet he remains humble and hardworking and willing to prove himself at every step. Jalopy has taken no short cuts in the game of life or the rap game which is why everything you see here and online is the result of real work and genuine love and support. 

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