New York City, New York, USA

Alternative Soul


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, Jalyn, the youngest of 10, found himself exposed to music and singing as far back as he can remember. It was at the age of 2, that Jalyn started belting out tunes. Influenced by his father who was a choir director, and mother, a singer/songwriter, Jalyn developed an eclectic taste in music inspired by all of the different styles he heard being played by his older brothers and sisters.

Jalyn's name alone reflects the coming together of musicians, and means a "sweet harmony". Shoveling through an older brothers drawer to find a record to sing to one Christmas, he discovered an old Jackson 5 album and was hooked. He decided that he wanted to spend his life making music. Piano lessons at age 11 gave Jalyn the foundation he would later need to learn how to compose, and his love for hip-hop led him to Dj'ing parties and using samplers and drum machines in his music. By high-school, he was part of a hip-hop collective and performed locally. Whether it was begging for the radio to be on, playing his records, picking up an instrument or singing in class, a talent was borne. Some of the biggest influencers in Jalyn's life, Stevie Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, The Beatles, Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson and Pat Metheny can all be attributed to his soft-soulful sound and melodic grooves. As a singer, songwriter, and multi-talented instrumentalist, Jalyn's sweet vocals embody old school funk, soul, and electronica.



Written By: Jalyn

(1st verse) You find time just to get away, youve been in it for so long / you count the days and watch your life as it moves along / you spend time just to get it right even though you feel its just so wrong / I swear that if I had to do it once again Id do it for sure (chorus) Sometimes I feel like I just cant breathe when Ive had enough / sometimes I feel like its hard to dream cause it hurts too much / sometimes I see all the things that we do and feel like giving up / sometimes I try to do everything but its just not enough (2nd verse) You bide time for a better day and youve waited for so long / fell like the world gets so damn heavy we live to carry on / you waste time trying to run away thinkin of the things that you have done / I swear that everyday Im going to live my life like it just begun (bridge) Anyone can see that youre just so beautiful, worth far more than you give yourself credit for, absolutely, undeniably incredible / dont you know youre beautiful, anyone can see that youre nothing ordinary, so much more than you give yourself credit for, absoutely, undeniably incredible

The perfect day

Written By: Jalyn

From the beauty of the sky, to the deepness of the sea / from the grass beneath my feet, everything I live and breathe, for moments like these / like the air and love in spring, like the hapiness you bring / like the stars up in the sky, feel no need to question why with moments like these ( chorus ) put your hands together if you feel alright, hope and everything is gonna be alright, nothing like this / From the sun upon my face, to the gentle summer breeze / from an undiscovered place, to the shade under the trees, its moments like these / like the joy and love you feel, from awakening a dream / like the memory of you, finds the melody I sing, for moments like these ( chorus ) put your hands together if you feel alright, hope and everything is gonna be alright, nothing like this


NLNW - 2006 Album
Phosphene - 2007 Album
Pushing Through Walls - 2010 EP
Opposite of You - 2011 Single