Jam and the Playground Kids

Jam and the Playground Kids


This band keeps the crowd dance happy with their rocking jam style of playing. A funky soulful infusion of good vibes and energy that will keep your toes tapping & finding yourself wanting more at the end of the show. From beginning, peak and bringing you back down, a show like this can't be missed


Jam and The Playground Kids is a unique blend of crowd energy and original creativity. They use the crowd to fuel their artistic visions, making for an explosive experience for both the band and the crowd alike. This energetic mix opens the gates for improvisational music and intense spinning, jumping,and dancing that everyone gets into. There's always that excitement whenever they play and neither the band or the crowd knows what to expect next! Although the Band enjoys showing respect to all musicians and genre's who have influenced them such as "The Grateful Dead", "Pink Floyd"and many more, they concentrate mostly on original material and spreading good insight and love to everyone who witnesses them play. When Jordan unleashes his Hammond keys the only thing I can suggest is to put your seat in the upright position and tray tables up cause it's time for take off. Josh keeps a constant rhythm of playing and vocals with a great stage presence that's entertaining in itself. Kurt sends your mind spinning with his amazingly smooth leads and vocals. John (a.k.a Pryz) is a rock solid beat on the drums, the backbone or foundation of the tunes! In the midst of all the jamming he can still take the band where it needs to go. Donahue (a.k.a Lil' John) gives that underbelly bass line that rocks you to the core, and at the end of the night your body will still be vibrating. Thumping out a resonating smoothness that gives the music weight. This is definitely a band worth seeing. You will not be disappointed. Check out their myspace page where you can hear some of their music and see set lists of recent shows. Come see this musical concoction and good time infusion for yourself! ENJOY


Afternoon Moon
Big Bass Budig (that's my brother)
B-minor Jam
Circle of Friends
Corner Street Toke
D-minor Happy
Frozen Army
F#minor Crank it
Ghost Dance
Hemp will do it, too
Here and now
High Perched and Smiling
Let's Watch, See, Feel
Life is
Moon Friend
Nothing but the Rain..
Question for the President
She keeps on dancing
Ship Captain Crew
Something Positive
Still the same Sunrise
The Mighty Mez
This is my Day
To Keep you Satisfied
Tree of Life
Where did the Time go

Set List

Sample set lists from previous gig's
set 1:

Jam, Ship Capt. Crew > Nothing But The Rain, Harder They Come > Frozen Army > West L.A. Fadeaway > Trees, Gimmie Some Lovin’ > The Mighty Mez

set 2:

High Perched And Smiling > This Is My Day, Dear Mr. Fantasy, Life Is, Tree Of Life > Dm > Shakedown St. > Great Big Gig In The Sky > Corner St. > Ghost Dance > Corner St, Werewolves Of London, Pusher Man > Bertha > Folsom Prison Blues


Dear Prudence, Franklins Tower

set 1:

Ship Capt. Crew, Highperched And Smilling > Stew, Hey Bulldog > Bminor > Something Positive, Trees, Up On Cripple Creek, Werewolves Of London

set 2:

Jam > Cassidy > Circle Of Friends, The Mighty Mez > Life Is, Tree Of Life > Get Ready


Dear Mr. Fantasy, Franklins Tower > Feelin' Alright