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Jambinai’s first EP was more post-rock and ambient sounds with the use of traditional Korean instruments.
Their first full-length continues the trend, but moves into post-hardcore sounds. The album is less than an hour, but feels like an entire day’s worth of music.
Differance will also alienate listeners. It’s much different than anything else in the realm of rock and outside the boundaries of Korean music in general. But the direction that Jambinai took with their full-length is incredible.
The music may even sound like a bunch of random sounds and noise, but each note is carefully placed to create an overall statement in each song.
“Grace Kelly” may be the song most will be the most familiar with, but it’s different partially because the added vocals and somewhat insane verses.
Jambinai are reaching farther into noise post-hardcore-rock with Differance, but they have created an album that does amazing things.
Whether you dislike what they’re creating, you have to appreciate their abilities.
Jambinai have created a classic album for Korean rock. - Chris Park (wakesidevision)


Jambinai - S/T(ep) - GMC Records(2010)
Jambinai - Differance(Full-length) - GMC Records(2012)



Music that exists everywhere but belongs nowhereAfte

winning a special rookie of the year award from broadcaster EBS in 2011, Jambinai has performed at a wide variety of venues, from Doosan Art Center to Pentaport Rock Festival. The band creates a new form of music that mixes free jazz, post-rock and avant-garde, played on Korean traditional instruments like the haegeum, the piri and the geomungo, and electric guitars and electronics. Their intense, explosive performances have won them devoted fans on Hongdae's indie scene, while their albums are sold in Japan, Europe and all over the world.
Release First full-length 'Differance in 2012
Selected PAMS CHOICE in 2012
Prize Best Crossover Album Of the Year by Korean Music Award (2013)

Invited World Village Fest 2013(Helsinki, Finland) and Cena Contemporanea 2013 ( Brazilia, Brazil)