Jam Camp

Jam Camp


Jam Camp is a five-piece instrumental jam-fusion band based in the Pacific Northwest. Inventive and accessible, the band blends rock, jazz, blues and funk into a lively set with plenty of musical surprises.


“Jam Camp is a versatile and volatile instrumental band that’s been around for well over a decade. Stylistically they are all over the place, from prog-rock to jazz, adding fleeting glimpses of Allman Brothers-like rock as well as psychedelia. The band’s latest disc, 'Black Hills Jam,' offers plenty of evidence of its openness and penchant for musical exploration. This is especially notable in the expansive “Trees” and the melodic passages of “Black Hills Jam.” With twin guitars and sax, the band has a lot of freedom for improvising. While his band may exist somewhat on the periphery of the jam scene, the community’s acceptance has opened all sorts of possibilities for Jam Camp (think King Crimson meets Umphrey’s McGee with a healthy dose of jazz and expansive musical creativity and expertise). The new disc is the best “jam” record I’ve heard in years.”

\Relix Magazine

About the band:

A passion for making music and sharing the experience with good friends was the impetus that began the regular jam-sessions that evolved into Jam Camp. From a fluid line-up of awesome NW musicians, a stable and startlingly original ensemble emerged and was officially dubbed Jam Camp in 1989. This is a band that creates accessible rock-fusion that has been compared to The Allman Brothers, Mike Stern, Zero, Umphrey's McGee, Widespread Panic and Traffic. Jam Camp grooves hard, embracing a "live" feel-based approach to music, appealing to fans of Rock, Jazz and Jam alike.

David Broyles is the Camp's musical director and a guitar virtuoso. He and the equally talented Michael "Smitty" Smith trade fiery guitar solos and balance each other as melodic and rhythmic partners in the sound collage. The rhythm section of Jess White on bass and Joel Veatch on drums represent a single-minded, rock-solid base from which the musical journey can depart. Add the incredible Steve Munger on sax, and you've the beast for an exhilarating ride! All of the players integrate their diverse musical influences - which range from art-rock and jazz to blues, fusion and funk - to create new ideas for their forays into uncharted musical territory. The goal: let the music chart its own course. Jam Camp takes risks that requires each individual musician in the band to listen, feel and honestly interact with each other; it's that total-immersion and musical surrender that is the genesis of musical "soul," and what Jam Camp is all about.


Jam Camp: Live!
Black Hills Jam - Preserves Vol. 2
Jam Camp

Jam Camp releases have received rave reviews and both FM and internet radio-play on shows focused on indie jamband, prog-rock and jazz music.

"It's been a long while since I've heard such sure-footed musicians having so much fun while taking so many risks."
--Alan Paul, GuitarWorld Magazine

"The best 'jam' record I've heard in years."
--Mick Skidmore, Relix Magazine

"Jam Camp plays exceptionally, displaying feel, technique, solid musicianship and creativity within the groovy vibe... This is catchy, creative, and very fun music."
--Modern Drummer Magazine

"Crunchy guitar riffs, funky bass parts, freeforming saxophones, it's as if the Allman Brothers got together with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and had themselves a little jamming baby... Absolutely outstanding!"
--Stuart Hamilton, Space Rock

"Hearkens to the early Grateful Dead style of jamming, amid touches of progressive rock, jazz, southern rock and more... reminiscent of those classic '60s and '70s outdoor rock festivals."
--Glenn Astarita, JazzReview

"(Black Hills Jam) is a thoroughly enjoyable CD from a hot instrumental group... whether your gig is jazz, rock, prog, or hard-rock, this should satisfy."
--Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility

"Imagine Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, Jerry Garcia, and a host of other fabulous music-makers improvising... the resulting music would likely sound like Jam Camp's Black Hills Jam."
--Thea Cooke, MXDWN.com

"An experimental prog-acid-fusion-rock explosion of talent... This is a great CD!"
-- Ytsejam.com

"This is an amazing band and one that I want to hear more of soon."
-- ProgressiveWorld

"Jam Camp explores a genre-defying mix of music which is sometimes jazzy and sometimes full-frontal assault rock and roll... Fans of the instrumental and experimental need look no further!"
-- MISH MASH Music Reviews

"If you are into high energy instrumental rock/fusion you should try some of this Black Hills Jam."
-- ProGGnosis

"Black Hills Jam is definitely a masterpiece."
--Vitaly Menshikov, Progressor

Set List

A Jam Camp show typically consists of one 90- or two 60-minute sets, depending upon the performance opportunity, and consists primarily of original material. Our live show can include extensive visual-effects, provided venue or promoter negotiates additional fee or a provides a projection system or makes available other adequate on-site video displays.

Current Set List:
Air Blower
The Ocean
Green Earrings
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Green Eyed Lady
Westside Highway
Paper Walls
Groove Monkey
Mr. Bliss
West 8
Blue is You
Swamp Gas & Moonshine
Shake Those Blues/Money
All Things Considered
The Reach