Jamchestra is an improvisation based Czech band. Traces of jazz or drum'n'bass can be heard in our music, but songs are mere structures for our experiments. They are ever-changing, no two performances sound the same and records are just hints what it may sound like.


Jamchestra was founded in 2009 as an improvisaton band of friends who enjoyed playing together. Initially based on guitar and drum'n'bass rhytms, the sound soon gained jazz features with new band members playing saxophone and trombone and we started to call it drum'n'jazz. Although the songs don't have any final shape and are ever-changing, patterns gradually emerged and we had enough material to record a CD, which was finally released in May 2011.
Several changes in the band have taken place since then. Old members went and new came and each one has brought his way of making music to Jamchestra, further changing the sound and style, which is now best described as nu-jazz. Among our influences we have to mention at least the Cinematic Orchestra and Jaga Jazzist.


Jamchestra (2011) - full length album

Set List

Length as required, usually 1 hour aprox.