Jam de la Creme

Jam de la Creme

 The Hague, South Holland, NLD

Jam de la Crème is a concept that creates a stage setting where the audience is witness of a thrilling jamsession. Musicians are being challenged to improvise outside their repertoire, new music arises in the heat of the moment and line-ups are being formed that were never seen or heard before!



Jam de la Crème is a concept where both well-known as talented artists from different genres come together on stage to improvise live. Inspiration, excitement, expertise without ego and above all creativity are the keys to a Jam de la Crème session. We create the right vibes and line-ups for thrilling sessions at festivals and clubs, giving the crowd a unique musical performance.

Five years ago, three musicians from The Hague (the Dutch capital of pop music) dreamed of combining various musical characters, scenes and colours into one session. Soon, their dream became reality when the first Jam de la Crème session took place in the summer of 2007. Over 75 musicians from all over the country traveled to The Hague's beach, met each other on stage and created an eight hour long jamsession. From that moment on, Jam de la Crème became a notorious phenomenon in the Dutch music scene - flavoured with the typical sharp-edged sound of Music City The Hague.

Yearly, we organize the Jam de la Crème Festival on the Scheveningen beach (The Hague, Holland). Last summer at the festivals' sixth sold-out edition, around a hundred musicians shared the stage and created a crossover of pop, jazz, rock, hip hop, electronics and other different styles of music. Alongside these beach editions, Jam de la Crème also organizes sessions for other festivals and locations. In 2012 Jam de la Crème succesfully played a European summerfestival tour. We started as headlining act at Life I Live Festival (The Hague, The Netherlands), treating 15.000 visitors to an 1,5 hour long jam brought by 25 topartists of the Dutch popmusic scene. Other festivals followed, like a.o. Oerol (Terschelling island, The Netherlands), Elb Jazz (Hamburg, Germany) and above all, Jam de la Creme was a 7 day long headliner on a hotspot-stage at Sziget Festival (Budapest, Hungary). We played a 3-5 hours long daily session combining leading Dutch artists and (inter)national musicians of the festival's line-up.
In 2010, Jam de la Crème received the prestigious The Hague Popmusic Award for "Best Initiative" - and again in 2012!

At other festivals we create a stage setting where the audience is witness of a jam session where musicians are being challenged to improvise outside their repertoire. In collaboration with an experienced session leader the groove goes on and covers are not allowed. Music arises in the heat of the moment, line-ups form that were never seen or heard before. We bring musicians together from the festival’s program and connect them to the Jam de la Crème collective. Alongside we like to make a combination of up-coming talents and established artists. This way, we strive for the right atmosphere to develop new music!

Bandmembers from a.o. Kyteman, Caro Emerald, Baskerville, Di-Rect, Splendid, Bombay Show Pig, Boef en de Gelogeerde Aap, The Ploctones, Relax and Knalpot played on previous editions of Jam de la Crème.

Check out www.jamdelacreme.com for more information & musicians that have joined one of Jam de la Crème’s jam sessions before.