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So Grateful

Written By: Jamelia Jaime Brown

By: Jamelia J. Brown

Vs. 1:
I used to be crying
I used to be hurting
I used to be thinking that I could not make it thru and
I used to be running
I used be playing
I used to be trying to get over on You and

Then you saved me
Came and gave me
A new beginning
I’m so grateful
Then you raised me
Came and made me
Made me over
I’m so grateful

Vs. 2:
I used to be pulling
I used to be pushing
I used to be wondering why I could not see my way thru yeah
I used to be laughing
To keep from crying
Until the day that I met You and then You saved yeah


For Your love
And Your peace
You’ve given me
For Your joy
And Your touch
You rescued me



Written By: Jamelia Jaime Brown

By: Jamelia Jaime Brown

Like the time when I thought my life was over and I couldn’t face another day
So many reasons
Or the night when I felt like giving up Your Spirit told me to kneel down and pray
So many reasons, yeah
So many times in my life when everyone gave up and then they all walked out on me
So many reasons
Lord nobody but You, You stayed the course and promised to love me eternally

Verse 1:
When I lost someone so close to me I didn’t want to see another day
I lost someone so dear to me I couldn’t even kneel down to pray
You came and met me where I was, You rocked me all thru the night
And if I had ten thousand tongues, just wouldn’t be enough
There’s so many reasons

Verse 2:
There was a time I made a mistake I thought that I had ruined my life
Couldn’t believe You’d forgive me, didn’t think that it would be alright
But You said child just come to me repent and I’ll forgive your sins
You let me know that it would be o.k., there aren’t words to say
So many reasons

And that’s why I love You
So many reasons
Place know one above You
So many reasons
Oh how I adore You Lord, yeah
So many reasons
Oh, Listen…

ONE… You gave Your Son and
TWO… by You I overcome now
THREE… You intercede for me
FOUR… Every supplied need
FIVE…You changed my life and
SIX… no problem You cannot fix
SEVEN… You never fail to come and part the sea just to rescue me
So many reasons

What Love Requires

Written By: Jamelia Jaime Brown

What Love Requires
By: Jamelia Jaime Brown

Sometimes you have to shed a tear
Sometimes you have to face what’s feared
Sometimes you have to do what’s hard
That’s what love requires

Sometimes you have to feel the pain
And walk the line that borders sane
It’s not the easiest thing
But it’s what love requires

Do you think that coming down
A Man who always wore a crown
To sacrifice His life for a world that would reject it was easy
No, it wasn’t easy

Vs. 2
Sometimes you have to turn around
And take the road, uneven ground
It’s not the easy path to choose
But it’s what love requires

Sometimes you have to take the hurt
For those incapable and learn
It’s not the easiest decision
But that’s what love requires


Love requires that you put her first
That you stand in front and catch the hurt
Love requires that you walk in truth
(No it won’t be easy)
Love requires that you give yourself
And walk by faith just know love never fails
And even if they don’t realize that’s what
That’s what love requires
That’s what love requires (repeat thru vamp)

Think about Jesus, that’s love
Just think about Jesus, that’s love (repeat)

Love suffers long
It is kind
Seeks the truth
Sin left behind
Love will cover all your wrong
Heal your heart
You’ll carry on
(repeat vamp)

Oh, Oh that’s what love requires