Jamelia Payne

Jamelia Payne


Jamelia payne is like no artist you have ever heard. The combination of her sultry sounds of jazz, both contemperary Gospel and main stream, and infused with her neo soul heritage, you are sure to be imacted by not just the grand harmonics and the slammin band but by the ministry that follows.


Jamelia Payne has been singing since the age of two years old. "My earliest childhood memory was of me singing in my churches easter program. I can honestly say that i knew then that music was what i wanted to pursue in life." Jamelia went on to attend The Tacoma Schoool Of the Arts in Tacoma Washington where she majored and minored in music performance and production. This was her launching pad. From her place of education jamelia began to become sought after by many artists to both sing and compose for. By the time she had graduated Jamelia had assisted in the completion of three albums for various artists and their affiliates. Now Jamelia can be found anywhere, from onstage to offstage, in the booth or behind the music continuing what she belives will impact the world.


GMWA "99" (album title)
In hymn i sing (album title)
Sweet lil Jesus Boy "
Navel davis and friends "