James Currey

James Currey

 Austin, Texas, USA

James Currey' fans relate to ska, acoustic, hip-hop and punk. Currey is sure to grab your attention with his aggressive vocal driven songs and opinionated subjects on politics and living in the present time. When he is not playing with his full band "the Buzzkillers" you can find him playing acoustically at pubs, parties or record shops.


James Currey has been a part of the Austin, Tx music scene for over 10 years and is the co-founder of the punk/ska band “The Buzzkillers”.  Currey is also the co-owner of “Sockhop Records”, a record label started in 2004 with bandmate T.J. Smyrson.  Currey plays many instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards and hand percussion.  Each one of his songs is diverse from eachother blending the likes of ska, acoustic, folk and punk all together.  Currey also has an interest in hip-hop and loves to play with samples and drumbeats to put his own unique style on the genre.  Currey enjoys writing political songs and songs about life experiences.  Currey is always excited to tour and has fun performing in just about any environment.


Back on our Feet - 2009 - 6 song Acoustic ep

The Buzzkillers/Jeremy Pena - 2010 - 12 song Acoustic Split album

Set List

Plugged in

All In
Whats it Worth
Good Bye
Our Only Chance
Selling the Scene
Years Ago
Turn it Up
Where we go


Keep it going
Unite to Survive
Bad Habits
All In
Good Bye
What a Mess
No Apologies
4 wheels out west
Culture Shock
My Fix