James Daly

James Daly

 Ocala, Florida, USA
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James Daly is a musician from Manchester, N.H. James is a singer/songwriter/guitarist who lives, and performs his acoustic show in Central Florida.


James Daly is a musician from Manchester, N.H. James is a singer/songwriter who lives, and performs his acoustic show in Central Florida.

James discovered his love for the music arts in early childhood. His initial love with stringed instruments was with the bass guitar, which later evolved into six string acoustic and later electric guitars. Finding his vocal talent with his first band in the early 80s. These musical gifts eventually evolved into a love affair with the acoustic/solo act that has endured with him for several decades. This acoustic/solo act was fueled in part by influences Neil Young, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, as well as other acoustic artist of the day.

Enjoying some success over the years as a songwriter, James' found his true love to be, performing and entertaining. James shows consist of rock, pop, and country classic covers, as well as originals that have become cult classics.

James doesn't just "cover" the music he loves to share, he makes them his own with his personal arrangements, while keeping the songs essence.

James has had the privilege of opening local shows for national touring artist Foghat, The Pat Travers Band, and the legendary Leon Russell.

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Lonesome Road

Written By: James Daly

When I was younger, thought I knew everything,
the world in my hands, I didn't want to be the same...
As everyone out there, struggling to get along,
I took a wrong turn, and I got lost...
I was travelin down a lonesome road,
didn't seem to matter which way I'd go,
running in circles, it was all the same,
searching for something, to ease my pain

My old friend Neil, said don't you stick it in your vein,
I didn't realize, it was all the same,
I never needed nothin, still I lost everything,
Now I'm all gone, ain't it, a cryin shame


Now momma told me, you better learn right from wrong,
life is short, soon it will be gone,
Hold on to the good times, they never seem to last,
When darkness comes, remember, this too shall pass....



Lonesome Road



Set List

Let it Be-The Beatles       Let Her Cry-Darius Rucker     Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd
Black-Pearl Jam                Heart of Gold-Neil Young      Plush-Stone Temple Pilots