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James Howard Band

| Established. Jan 01, 1994 | INDIE | AFM

Established on Jan, 1994
Band Blues Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Review at BB King's Blues Club in Hollywood CA"

If you combined the guitar styles of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix you would produce the likes of James Howard. A guitarist extraordinaire, he mixes the intensity of Stevie Ray with the passion of Hendrix and plays some of the meanest blues this side of the Mississippi.
For this show Howard did mostly originals and threw in a few well chosen covers. His approach to the material is traditional, but his attack is unique. Although some may find a bit too much SRV in him, he does balance this obvious influence with enough of his own personality to make it interesting. There wasn’t any particular song that stood out, but his playing was so strong it drew you in anyway. His cover choices, on the other hand, were very well done.

Like all real blues-men, Howard felt the songs he played and projected his emotions through his fingertips. This ability to communicate with his guitar boosted even average material to a higher level and made it something special. The music was mostly instrumental- but Howard did sing now and then, though they weren’t the emphasis of his show. His band consistently played up to his level, making for a very strong presentation.

Howard was the man upon whom all eyes settled, and he was more than deserving with an animated, energetic and intense performance. It was a breathtaking exhibition, in fact, and one that pushed the crowd to the edges of their seats. This was definitely a performer who knew how to please an audience.

Although Howard may be derivative, he takes his phenomenal blues to places others have not, making the music his own. He has what it takes to bring the blues up to the next level and most definitely deserves attention from the A&R community.
- Music Connection Magazine

"CD Reviews- Mayan Mystey"

"A guitar player with a ton of tricks up his sleeve, James Howard surely knows his way around the fretboard of his instruments. His voice is strong and he's ably backed by some stellar workmen who add lots to the CD. He knows his craft and has put forth a strong effort deep in the well when it comes to guitar wizardry and creativity."
(Delta Snake Daily Blues On-Line Magazine)

"...a fantastic 5- minute instrumental version of House of the Rising Sun like none Ive heard before."
(Rock and Blues News Magazine)

"...the piece de resistance
comes at the end. Open Up My
Heart is a slow soul-blues in the Otis Redding vein. Whew, what emotion!"
(Rock and Blues News Magazine)

""A Girl Like You" isnt blues, but its certainly got that as its foundation. Funked-up rock n roll may better describe this; and the tone Mr. Howard gets is Albert King filtered through Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn. The tone is crisp and stinging and touched with the right amount of distortion, and the solo, again, is loaded with creative slips and slurs."
(Delta Snake Daily Blues On-line Magazine)

""House of the Rising Sun" is taken as a guitar instrumental, and works incredibly well. A slow burner, it gives Howard a chance to stretch out for a little over five minutes, and play some Blues. He does that in spots that are restrained and passionate, and others that are go-for-throat pyrotechnics that will have veteran guitar players wondering where the licks are coming from."
(Delta Snake Daily Blues On-line Magazine)

""Mayan Mystery" is an instrumental that was recorded live. Howards guitar here is sweet and brilliant, and laced with Spanish overtones and a fluid approach that is chilling."
(Delta Snake Daily Blues On-Line Magazine)

- Rock and Blues News Magazine and Delta Snake Daily News On-line Magazine

"CD Reviews- Electric Rain"

"A Jimi Hendrix on guitar with John Lennon's voice and vision."
(Rock and Blues News Magazine)

""Electric Rain" opens up with the title track, a smoking Texas-styled shuffle that will certainly raise comparisons to the late Stevie Ray Vaughn, and that's not bad company to be in. It smolders along at a Look At Little Sister pace, has the wha wha pedal guitar overlays, and a rhythm section that drives ahead
with lots of power. Howards guitar solo is potent and filled with creativity, and the work of Willy Riser and Mike Vanderhule on bass and drums is like clockwork, and Dave Matthews Hammond B-3 helps things along with some great swells and fills." (Delta Snake Daily Blues)

""Chicken Lips" is another killer guitar workout for Howard, although with a different band backing him. This time around, Paul Feia gets the call for bass, David Brownell fills the duties behind the drum kit, and Tony Lufrano handles keyboards. What Howard can do with a guitar is remarkable in a word. Lips is a Travis-guitar instrumental that drills along at breakneck speed, and doesn't let up once the crew is out of the gate. For those of you unversed in where Im coming from here; if you know the work of the late Danny Gatton, or his predecessor, the late Roy Buchanan, youll know what I mean. Howard's sound here is ripe with reverb and spilling, fluid guitar." (Delta Snake Daily Blues)

""Chicken Lips", a rompin instrumental." (Rock and Blues News Magazine)

"Howards music is really difficult to ignore. The vocals come second to some seriously soaring guitar-playing. Thats more a statement about his guitar than anything else, because his vocals are strong. They actually work well in tandem, as if the guitar pushes the vocals through the same musical conduit. Its a source of energy not many singers can tap." (The Contra Costa Times Newspaper)

""Sweet Charlie" is an effective contrast to all the blues and boogie, with a garage-rock riff jack-hammering behind a floating melody." (The Contra Costa Times Newspaper)

""Drown Her Sorrow" is one of the best songs on the album, (it) describes a financially successful young woman who sells real estate and seemingly has it all but is destroying herself with alcohol abuse."
(All Music on-line review)

"Its (Drown Her Sorrow) got influences that range from Cream, The Beatles, Mason Williams, and more. "Drown Her Sorrow" will call to mind what Clapton was doing in his short-lived Cream years, but also brings the creativity of the Beatles to mind with the vocal harmonies."
(Delta Snake Daily Blues On-Line Magazine)

- Rock and Blues News Magazine, Delta Snake Daily Blues On-Line Mgazine, All-Music On-Line Review


James Howard has released three CD's on Laughing Man Records
1) "Electric Rain"
2) "Mayan Mystery"
3)"Celebrate Life"
For additional information go to www.myspace.com/jameshowardguitar and www.jameshowardmusic.com



James Howard started his career in the San Francisco Bay Area working as a guitarist and guitar teacher before relocating to the Seattle area. He is a soulful singer, guitarist and songwriter, writing in a variety of styles from blues, to rock to jazz and singer/songwriter, best know for his virtuoso guitar style reminiscent of Santana at times and Stevie Ray Vaughn at other times.He leads his own band playing at some of the best venues in Seattle including The Triple Door and the award winning Highway 99 Blues Club where he has played a once a month standing gig since October 2008. He is a consummate performer, animated and intense, very entertaining to watch.

On May 18, 2010, The James Howard Band was filmed for a new tv show called "Live From Seattle". The all music program modeled after "Austin City Limits" will be broadcast on the PBS station KCTS later this year with plans for national distribution to follow.

LA Based Music Connection Magazine says of Howard, “If you combined the guitar styles of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix you would produce the likes of James Howard. A guitarist extraordinaire, he mixes the intensity of Stevie Ray with the passion of Hendrix and plays some of the meanest blues this side of the Mississippi", “He takes his phenomenal blues to places others have not, making the music his own. He has what it takes to bring the blues up to the next level and most definitely deserves attention from the A&R community.”

In 2009 "The James Howard Band" performed live on KZOK Radio’s The Bob Rivers show.

Mixing passionate psychedelic electric guitar with inspirational themes, James is a life-long professional musician who has opened concerts for Robin Trower, John Waite, and UFO. He takes traditional blues and mixes in 60’s psychedelic blues/rock to create a unique compelling style. Also a prolific songwriter, James and his band have a bold mixture of originals and one-of-a kind cover arrangements.

James showed an early talent for the guitar when as a teenager he was an in demand lead guitar player in local gigging bands. Inspired by the rock and pop music that he was hearing on the radio, James searched out the roots of this music in blues, jazz, folk, Latin and R&B and he explored all those styles. At the age of 15 he played his first gig as a professional guitarist at a bar in Clearlake California. The bandleader glued a fake moustache onto James’ upper lip, adding a few years to his look.

Throughout The 1980’s James toured and recorded with a string of bands honing his style and developing his sound. In the 90’s he fronted his own band, culminating in the 1998 release of “electric rain” on Laughing Man Records. Electric Rain
received some great reviews comparing James and his music to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Lennon, and Danny Gatton among others. James continued to tour with his four piece band wowing audiences with a
dynamic and powerful live show. The follow up CD "Mayan Mystery" was released in 2003 and "Celebrate Life" in 2008