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James Labrosse

Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Brooklyn, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Jazz World


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James Labrosse @ Musikfest

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States




James Labrosse has quite a surprising background to be landing on an EDM-soaked publication page such as this, but it’s not unwarranted. The classically trained Berklee College of Music graduate started out by going to Spain to study Flamenco guitar. Now based in New York, Labrosse has been working on his debut full-length album called Orange Night since 2016. It’s no wonder; the album is technically complex with big, theatrical sounds and drama at every turn.

Combining classical and electronic music generally results in something along the lines of experimental electronica, but in the case of James Labrosse and Orange Night, that is not the case. The first single and opening track on the album is a perfect example. It is textbook drum and bass. Well, not exactly textbook; “Find A Way” is definitely on the jazzy end and the DnB drum beat is done live on an analog drum kit. This is not as unconventional as DnB fans may think, however, as this style of analog drum and bass has existed at least since the late 90s, when Roni Size debuted his hear-stopping classic New Forms album. At any rate, “Find A Way” is a great introduction or re-introduction to this jazzy style with its emotive vocals and swelling electronic synths.

The rest of Orange Night is equally jazzy and seems to be a deliberate theme for Labrosse this time around, but it also never deviates from electronic influence. Trip hop, electronic pop, ambient electronica and more DnB are what crossover fans can look forward to on this album. It doesn’t sound or play like what most EDM fans are used to, but those who appreciate well-composed music of every kind and especially drum and bass/jazz fusion will definitely dig Labrosse’s debut album.

Orange Night releases on May 25 and will be available to purchase on James Labrosse’s Bandcamp page. Check out his website for more news and singles as they become available and to listen to his previous EP called Fruta. - YourEDM

"How to turn your Friday Night into an ‘Orange Night’"

James Labrosse Making Impressive Tunes and Impressive Movements
2016 doesn’t seem like a long time ago but for James Labrosse it must feel like decades, beginning the production for this artistic masterpiece around November and it all finally coming to a glorious end a year and a half later. We are here to tell you that this is not the end. Not only will these tracks be forever embedded in our playlists for a while but we feel like this is definitely not the last time we will hear from the mind behind ‘Orange Night’.

Starting off with his collaboration with Melissa McMillan, an easy listening progressive track with an almost angelic voice matched with natural instruments and the perfect summer vibe. Although most of the tracks on the album have very similar vibes, each one stands out a mile from each other which is a very impressive feat to reach. ‘Magnets’ also has a real loungey feel to it until the last half where we are treated to a duet of beautifully plucked guitar riffs and the voice of Raquel Rivera which sounds like it was literally recorded in heaven.

Moving through to the title track of the album, ‘Orange Night’. Featuring the lulling voice of J. Hoard and an easy going acoustic arpeggio allowing the listener to float on through their day. The natural percussive hits and energy in the synths makes this one obvious as to why the album was named after it. ‘Pre_Nostalgia’ and the finale track have more a salsa vibe to them, perfect for casual two stepping around your lounge and singing your heart out in Spanish.

James has really blown us away with the integration of analog and digital production on this album and we cannot express enough how much you should indulge in this album. Keep an eye on the name too, if time will tell we should receive another album early 2020. One can hope anyway. - Most Addictive

"New York Musician, James Labrosse, Releases New Album – ‘Orange Night’"

New York Musician, James Labrosse, creates a cinematic musical ambience that stretches far and wide throughout his latest album release, ‘Orange Night’. Here are our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Intro/Overture”, James takes listeners through an orchestral odyssey that sets the tone for an atmospheric journey into the black mass ahead. The second track, “Find A Way”, instantly ties in elements of Groove that soothe the racing mind and then leads into soft and delicate vocals from Melissa McMillan that are oozing with sensitivity and care. “I’ve Changed” is the third track that begins with an instrumental opening aura that is akin to Sade in her ‘Stronger Than Pride’ days and then takes a turn into heightened emotions and affirmations from featured vocals from Ryan Egan which create an all-embracing atmosphere.

The fourth track, “Magnets”, slows it down and begins with James creating a jazzy instrumental element as featured vocalist, Raquel Rivera, shares a delicate melody laced in melancholy. “Orange Night” is the fifth and title track that is simply stunning as it opens with a layered rhythm that listeners can feel within their core as the lyrical spill explores a mysterious balance between the subconscious mind yearning for more and the conscious mind influencing an individual to set themselves free from a bloodless feeling. The sixth track, “Pre_Nostalgia”, is wrapped in warmth as the blissful atmosphere that James’ creates sends listeners into a state of inner balance. “Post_nostalgia” is the seventh track that begins with a reflective tone while slowly incorporating elements of Tribal music that mesh together fluidly in a hypnotizing way. Closing out with “La Mañana”, James’ ends from the soul while adding in multilingual lyrics that showcase the broad array of diverse minds that have come together to create a musical masterpiece.

‘Orange Night’ is Experimental bliss that carries cultured elements that are able to capture a global audience.If you’re a fan of a mixture of fellow musicians such as Bonobo, Thievery Corporation and Max Cooper, then grab your copy of ‘Orange Night’ now on Soundcloud. - Tattoo

"James Labrosse - "Orange Night""

A New York artist who once moved to Spain to learn the secrets of Flamenco, James Labrosse is committed to the authenticity of his music. On his new record, Orange Night, this learned ethos is augmented with an emotional appeal that communicates a true love for world music. The album is equal parts R&B and 80’s synths underneath both of which is a framework of breezy jazz evocative of carefree French coffee culture. Whether intentionally or accidentally, these elements combine and create something sounding close to a more modern version of Sophistipop; reminiscent of Sade, or Everything But The Girl.

Labrosse himself doesn’t sing vocals on any of the songs—rather he employs he a string of fantastic guest vocalists. It gives the album more of a feeling of a communal project where the focus is less on any one individual than the quality of the finished product. It’s a gamble that pays off handsomely from the *Style Council*-esque “I’ve Changed” to the trance-like rave hybrid of “Find A Way.” Even the instrumental tracks like the ambient, psychedelic cacophony of “Post_Nostalgia” fit in perfectly with the spirit of experimentation prevalent throughout.

By looking back through the history of world and pop music, James Labrosse ends up creating something with Orange Night that is both fresh and exciting. - Big Takeover

"James Labrosse - Orange Night"

Flamenco guitar is already a style with an ethereal quality. The dramatic melodies coupled with the glowing sheen of nylon strings soaked in reverb conjures all sorts of tales of heroic and tragic scenes that have past and are yet to come. Stories woven in the ether of time. However, like many styles that have been around for ages, they can get rigid and stale. Purists insist that there is only one way to explore the genre, perfecting its fundamentals and leaving no room for modern expansion. There are cases where flamenco has been borrowed for a solo in a pop or rock song, from Carlos Santana to the Spice Girls but this is really just a throwback, not an evolution.

Guitarist and producer James Labrosse is changing the game with an inspired fusion of flamenco with airy synthesizers and clever, subtle production, elevating the genre to another astral plane. It's perhaps his rich cultural background that has opened his mind to allowing different styles to permeate his writing. Labrosse was born in a Spanish neighbourhood in South Florida, grew up in a French Canadian home, at 18 moved to Spain to learn flamenco then honed that skill at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Now, Labrosse is based in the cultural crossroads of New York City and his style epitomizes the artistic melting pot of that town.

His latest album Orange Night is amorphous. It's haunting, it's inspiring. The magic moments illustrated by the guitar are only enhanced by the swelling, round synthesizers that blend seamlessly in each track. 'Find a Way' opens on gorgeously enveloping synths and mallets that caress Labrosse's leading lines. Borrowing the vocal talents of Melissa McMillan, the track tells a tale of modern relations underscored by a magnetic drumming performance by Fabio Rojas.

The stunning 'Magnets' begins delicately with the impeccable voice of Raquel Rivera balancing like a butterfly on a leaf on the subtly dynamic performance of Labrosse. Deep bass and strings with an air of tension transport you to more tumultuous currents before landing again to leave Rivera and Labrosse alone for another chance to duet in enchanting harmony. To close out the 8-minute incantation, Labrosse fades in lush layers of warm synthesis enveloping the listener in a shimmering glow.

Orange Night shows what you can create when you shed the labels of tradition and forge ahead. In all his experimentation, Labrosse remains completely tasteful. Not abusing the electronics in any contrived or cheesy way but using those tools to elevate and deepen the flamenco melodies. Labrosse clearly operates from a deep love and respect for the form, he just sees its path into the future. 9/10. - Music News


"Orange Night" - Album - 2018



A vibration starting with the seed of Flamenco, that's then irrigated with modern jazz and electronic touches; James Labrosse delivers original music that flourishes deeply through all consciouses.

James Labrosse was 18 when he moved to Spain to learn Flamenco. He is now based in New York City and performs world music with his renowned ensemble to audiences across the US.

James was born in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood in south Florida. He grew up in a French Canadian home and is fluent in French and Spanish. He has been playing music since he was 13 and graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production.
James Labrosse is a Godin Guitars Artist

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