James & Evander

James & Evander

 Oakland, California, USA

We're two music nerds from Oakland, CA making catchy, melodic, mellow-pop.


After five years of crafting music together, Oakland duo James & Evander issued their proper debut LP, 'Bummer Pop,' earlier this year via Velvet Blue Music. Building on what had started as a pair of synth nerds geeking out in their apartments, last year J&E parted ways with the delicate indietronica that defined their early output, successfully adding a layer of subdued vocals to their sound with 2011’s 'Constellating' EP. Bummer Pop is clearly an extension of that EP, one that follows the band deeper into a world of widening synth-scapes, propulsive beats, and poignant melodies. Above the swirls of keyboards, the pair share vocal duties, delivering glimpses of the Oakland lifestyle with a simple, honest approach—examining their place in the world and asn uncertain future with touches of joy, humility, and helplessness. But there is always space left for the rich sonic threads to take hold, places where the catchy melodic phrases and space-age tones rise to the top. It’s an album that aims to envelope the listener in its ever-expanding waves of sound, in the end revealing a distinct sonic world that reveals more details with each listen.

Over the last year we've had the opportunity to play the Sacramento Electronic Music Festival 2012, Noise Pop 2012, and The Bay Bridge Presents : The Rock Make Street Festival, and got to perform with the following bands : MEMORYHOUSE, Shlomo, Brandt Brauer Frick, JEL, Sister Crayon, Raleigh Moncrief, Maus House, Yalls, shortcircles, Giraffage, Astronautica, Parentz, Elephant & Castle, Birds & Batteries, Phantom Kicks, Flashlights, Sport, and more.


Awkward Turtle E.P. + 1 (500Records, 2007)
This Isn't the Beginning of Anything (500Records, 2009)
Sunlight & Circuitry EP (Third Culture Records, 2010)
Constellating EP (Velvet Blue Music, 2011)
Let's Go 7" (Gold Robot Records, 2012)
Bummer Pop LP (Velvet Blue Music, 2012)

*Entire discography is available to stream at jamesandevander.bandcamp.com

Set List

Outside a Hexagram (Songs We Wish We Wrote You Vol. 3)
Really Real (Constellating EP)
Come Around (Lets Go Single)
Lets Go (Lets Go Single)
Turtle Two (Sunlight & Circuitry)
CTSOF (Unreleased)
Constellating (Constellating EP)
Untinkable (Unreleased Cover for Songs We Wish We WroteYou Vol. 4)