James and West

James and West


Our band is a smooth mix of Alternative Country and Alternative rock. The sound is something close to Wilco meets Pearl Jam. Some of our newer songs sound a bit like Pink Floyd meets U2. We provide a dynamic stage presence using the occasional extended jam and excellent musicianship.


We all come from southern California and are influenced by everyone from Dylan to Kraftwerk. Our lyrics and musicianship set us apart. We guarantee a great performance with songs that folks can make their own. We are ready to shoot for the sky.


Drivin' Blind

Written By: Darrin James

I'm caught in a trap
with glass walls
the water rushes in
and my temperature falls
Three steps up and I'm
four steps back
like the wood under winters
relentless attack

But I've got this curse
under my skin
and I'll bear the mark for the first sin
I'm grippin' the wheel and my
knuckles are white
Drivin' blind in the middle of the night

I feel the ground move
under my feet
I feel the slow whisper
of deceit
You say the sky is green and I
could swear it's blue
but I might as well
give that up to you too

(Chorus again)
Well I've hit the wall
but I've carried my weight
I didn't fall apart but I didn't escape
Drink the water but you
aint gettin' right
Drivin' blind in the middle of the night

Three Faces

Written By: Darrin James

I can tell your lips are movin’
By the smile on your face
And I can stay with the stream if I
Double my pace

You always turn it around to make the
Summer seem cold
And with your touch of decay
You make the spring seem old

The lines on your face deepen, but there’s
Secrets in there
“Call off this march of time”, you cried
It’s nearly all I can bear

You always turn it around to make the
Summer seem cold
And with your touch of decay
You make the spring seem old

There’s the one that you are
the one you pretend to be
and the one that I see
Three faces of the same lie
That clings to me

You've Got to Go This Alone

Written By: James and West

On the road to the salt sea
The sand cursed my eyes
I didn’t care for random acts
Or the common cost of bribes

No footprints next to mine
No free hand to pull on
You can wait through summer
But I’ve waited for that too long

Response as it came
Was cold as stone
You’ll have to go this alone
You’ll have to go this alone

So I fell down on my knees
Wore my fingers to the bone
You can ask for forgiveness
But it’s a sad, sad slow song

You’ll have to go this alone
You’ve reaped the seeds that you’ve sown
You’ll have to go this alone


Written By: James and West

The sunrise at 5:00 you’d see as
Again at the shore you’d seen it
all before

Her deepest curves show what you
already know
They seem to give away
The meaning of

I’ll get it right
On some other night
And I’ll see the light
On some other night

I wrestled with my ghost
And it put up quite a fight
Whispered in my ear
We’re in the deepest night

Walkin’ down the alleyway
My skin is cold and thin
My nerves are shaken
regarding what could’ve been

Women pray slow
In the evening glow
As the gardener raises
His empty hands
The deep moss grows
In between the empty rows
And kings pull their hands
across the sand


James and West is our self titled mini-disc, and we have a new release "The Sunrise at 5". Both are available on iTunes, CDbaby and 13 other digital sources. Radio airplay has been local through college airplay.

Set List

Worthy of Your Contempt, For the Better of Me, Out of Sight, You're Only As Safe As Your Secret, Drivin' Blind, As the Sunset Slowly Slipped Away, Three Faces, All Along, Shallow Grave, Between You and Me, Sleepwalking, You've Got to Go This Alone, etc.