James Blumenfeld

James Blumenfeld

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Slightly past what passes for middle age these days, I posses the rugged good looks of John Malkovich with the moral character of Larry David, and a damn good eBay rating to boot! My comedy comes from the pathetic desires of an aging adrenaline junky to live young in perpetuity.


And then the conversation drifts to who are your comedic influences? Whilst I do appreciate many of the "greats" I find that my comedy simply comes from my experiences. From mild Tourettes sufferer to race car driver with a couple of jumps out of a perfectly good airplane thrown in for good measure I clearly have experienced a curious journey. The struggle is to communicate it all in a relatable fashion; for humor is communicated in the commonality of experiences.
Oh, and I especially like cute little kittens chasing ice cream trucks on a warm summery eve.


No discs released, they're all locked up in my basement where you can't hear them scream.

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