James Bolos

James Bolos


I perform a collection of songs I've written over the last few years on acoustic guitar. A loop pedal, keyboards and multiple percussion instruments help me build a sonic landscape to play over.


Although many singer/songwriters can be found working day jobs in restaurants, James Bolos has a slightly different story. You can find him in his hometown operating a family restaurant by day and working meticulously on many other projects throughout all hours of the night.

Bolos familiarized himself with music at a young age following the vocal melodies of radio songs on his toy keyboard and searching for new music on the radio while lying in bed before falling asleep.

James started performing with his first high school band in 1997 and formed a new band in 2001 while in university. After playing shows throughout Southwestern Ontario and Michigan over a two year period and working with producer Daniel Victor (Neverending White Lights) James and his band mates went separate ways and decided to stop performing.

Following university Bolos spent his time back home with family before carrying on to Windsor and then Toronto in pursuit of careers in film and music. In May of 2006, his father died of cancer. Shortly after the death of his father, Bolos left his budding videography career and a city of friends, excitement and opportunity behind to return to his hometown to run the restaurant his father had owned and operated since the late sixties.

In the Fall of 2006 Bolos made time to record some demo tracks he had been writing for his debut release. The songs were self-produced and recorded at night in his studio apartment above teh restaurant after it closed. What started out as a few vocal tests quickly became a batch of twelve demos that James became increasingly eager to record professionally for his debut CD.

The twelve songs dealt with the common theme of past relationships, but many were influenced by the death of his father and having to say goodbye.

After a three year hiatus from performing Bolos decided the time was right to expose the new material. He filled his restaurant for his debut solo acoustic performance and packed the local theatre two months later drawing the attention of local newspapers, musicians and other curious concert-goers.

Playing acoustic versions of his songs, James also builds an aural landscape to perform over utilizing two keyboards, a loop pedal, tambourine and other percussion. The end result is a live representation of his songs closely resembling the sound he is striving for on his debut release.

Although the added instruments create a unique experience for the listener, the songs are strong without the added accompaniment as demonstrated in Civic Park where Bolos performed acoustically for the 2007 Christmas festivities.

When asked where his career in music is going, Bolos enthusiastically states "I'm taking the rest of the year off from performing so I can finally record my CD. I'd like to have an EP out by Spring and be performing outside the local area. I also want to work on getting some film and TV placements next year."

James has made his mark locally but is eager to expose a full-length album to the international masses. He can be seen and heard on the net:


Beautiful Beside Me

Written By: James Bolos

The sun is shining in
Right onto your face
You rub your eyes and you grab my Hand as you start to awak
I never expected
You to say those words
"You're coming home with me Tonight or else I'll have to hurt you"

You grabbed my shirt and pulled me in

You're just so beautiful lying beside me
You're the one who brought me to my knees

I close my eyes to take in sounds in all around me
For a moment think the world has finally found me

You rubbed your hand across my chest

You're just so beautiful lying beside me
You're the one who brought me to my knees

I always knew that it would end this way
But the 25 days
until you go on that plane
went as fast as they came

You're just so beautiful lying beside me
You're the one who brought me to my knees


Written By: James Bolos

Stand up straight and act composed
Hold it all in so they'll never know

You don't want me to break
You don't want me to break

Stand up straight and hold your guard
As high as you can and they'll never know

You don't want me to break
You don't want me to break

Hold your head up boy
You'll be...you'll be just fine
Until your time has come
To be at one

(The sun will not shine if i break)
You don't want me to break
You don't want me to break


Written By: James Bolos

You're scared of the eagles
Taking you higher
Above tree lines and telephone wires
You're looking down on your little town
That's bordered by a county that tobacco fields surround

You can't get out of this roundabout
Like the kind you find in England in the center of a town
You're clawing your way out for now

I can hear you wincing in pain on the other end of the phone
and I know that you're trying so hard to not sound alone.

Goodbye my father I hope you're resting well
I'll never forget you and where you are


In Production2008

Set List

I play up to 14 original songs which takes 75 minutes. My set is also broken down into 45, 30, and 15 minutes sets.