James Bond

James Bond


Thirty seconds is too long to describe my music , could be done with several words in any language- all original folk, country, blues, jazz


I have been writing for years, pretty good at it I think


Objects in the Mirror

Written By: James Bond

Verse 1
Back home momma's resting
On her bed nails
Reading Oprah's latest
'What to do, when doin' fails'
Me I'm just a simple guy
no complcations here

And objects in the mirror, are closer than appear

Verse 2
On the highway moving fast
debris is left behind
Lock it into cruise control
the road it will unwind
Till in a white tiled restroom
just when you think you're clear

Objects in the mirror, are closer than appear

Help me, help me
I just need some help
Save me, Save me
Save me from myself

Verse 3
Skip a stone 'cross water
tryin' to shake these blues
Daddy was restless man
you could see it on his shoes
And me when I feel hopeless
it's good to know you're near

And objects in the mirror, are closer than appear


I could make some crap up but I won't, I do have the odd release but you wouldn't know it

Set List

I am good for about one sixty minute set of all original stuff