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Kansas City, Missouri, United States | INDIE

Kansas City, Missouri, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Punk


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"Local EP review James Christos Enigmatic"

Area music fans shouldn’t be so quick to lump James Christos in with the area’s hip-hop scene. He’s actually one of Kansas City’s most vital rockers.

Just as Christos’ live performances are likely to feature an aggressive live band, Enigmatic, Christos’ new self-released 27-minute EP, evokes classic punk rock. Although it includes references to Tupac and Biggie, the album is more closely aligned with the shock rock of Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson.

The disturbing premise of Enigmatic is that Christos is a dangerous psychopath bent on creating mayhem as he eludes the confines of a straitjacket. Yet Enigmatic’s content makes it clear Christos is crazy like a fox. The album’s groundbreaking sound and endlessly creative lyrical content show a man in complete control of his artistic faculties.

Christos raps, but his distinctive flow is more akin to Mick Jagger than Lil Wayne. He favors an absurd British accent. Perhaps the odd affectation is attributable to his obvious love of vintage acts like The Clash. He describes his “brand new sound” as “ghetto head-banging” on the relentless “Hold That.” The song mocks the outraged reaction to the havoc recently instigated by teenagers on the Plaza.

It’s excellent, but Enigmatic’s most startling moment is the audacious recycling of the Sex Pistols’ “Anarchy in the U.K.” on a song called “The Riot Room.” While it’s not specifically about the tavern in Westport, the song is memorable enough to turn other Kansas City music venues green with envy. Establishments including The Beaumont Club and the Record Bar would do well to commission Christos to craft similar theme songs on their behalf.
— bill brownlee { special to ink }
- Ink Magazine

"James Christos Enigmatic (pitch review)"

James Christos
(Guerilla Movement)
By Kyle Koch Thursday, Jul 1 2010

If James Christos' latest album were a war, it would be Vietnam. Enigmatic is a dense jungle of heavy beats napalmed with rhymes. (Christos, of course, is no stranger to guerrilla tactics — just check the name of his label.) I've done some things, and I think you need to call somebody about it, he tells a doctor in Enigmatic's introduction. But Christos doesn't need anyone to speak for him. The local lyricist is anything but enigmatic when it comes to spitting verse on the 10 tracks. His rhymes seize into abstractions, with one track ("A Beautiful Affair") dedicated to the nebulous goal of "psychological evolution." Enigmatic's beats, layered with throbbing electric guitars that would be at home in a rock track, reflect a brave defiance of his genre. I'm here to kill 'em all/And put 'em in a body bag, he warns fellow artists between cymbal crashes. Enigmatic is an inspired session of hip-hop that rocks and rolls with rebellious furor. - Pitch Magazine

"Song Of The Year KTRS (Kill The Radio Station)"

Oh no he did NOT.

It's been a long time a song has made us say that. And damn does it feel good.

Striking somewhere between Jay-Z's coolly brutal "Threat" and unhinged Albert Finney from Network, the latest single from James Christos is a magazine full of teflon-tipped lyrical bullets aimed at one thing and one thing only: Kansas City radio station KPRS Hot 103 Jamz.

Beginning with a (virtual) called-in bomb threat to Carter Broadcasting, the song launches into a catchy, bangin' tirade against the urban station that has many locals up in arms for not playing homegrown music.

Sparing allies like Kenny Diamondz and JT Quick and taking aim at the station's leaders, Christos piles on verse after hilarious verse, skewering commercial radio culture along the way:

With the jocks, I'm cool, but the execs are spineless
Catch 'em at a live remote, Cricket Wireless
JT, I'ma need them keys to the van
I hate to see you caught up in the crossfire, fam
Smashin' down 71, bumpin' my song
In the back of the van is a large car bomb
Sean Tyler duct-tapped on the passenger side
'Cause light-skinned dude make better hostages, right?

The bangin' production and catchy-ass chorus are just gravy -- for that verses like the one above, I'm declaring "K.T.R.S." song of the year.

Don't waste any more time with this preamble. Download the song for free below. And then call the Jamzline and request it: (816) 576-7103.


- Pitch Weekly Jason Harper Music Editor

"Bomb Threat"

Local hip hop artist, James Christos premiered his latest, “Kill The Radio,” live at the Riot Room a couple of nights ago. When the song’s intro came in, most of the people in the crowd had looks on their faces as if to say, “Oh no he didn’t!” This is Christos’ bomb threat of sorts (not literally) directed at certain higher ups at KPRS Hot 103 Jamz, Kansas City’s main hip hop and r&b radio station. KPRS has made it abundantly clear in the past that they’re very picky about what local artists get spins on their station. I completely understand that a local FM radio station that would play local hip hop could be very beneficial to KC. I also understand that writing about it on a blog is really a waste of typing because Hot 103 is not going to change in their ways.

Regardless, Christos’ newest track would be incredibly entertaining to anyone who listens to Hot 103.

http://demencha.com/ - www.Demencha.com Chris Milbourn Editor

"Need To Know: James Christos "Kill The Radio""

What happens if you keep asking politely and you keep getting a no? What happens when you keep backing a dog into a wall? Eventually that dog will bite. There is only so much that people will take and will revolt and take what is their's and so you have a revolution. There is only so much bullshit that you can hear on the radio. There are only a certain amount of no's you can hear, to get your music played on local stations. That you say fuck you and your radio station, we don't need you and we will use another media source. And so here it is, internet and satellite radio here to save us all from the same ten shitty songs on the radio. Our friend James Christos feels the same way and decided to make a song about it and direct it to Kansas City's "hot 103 jams" its called "Kill The Radio" take a listen if you feel the same way.

http://www.metropalife.com/2009/12/need-to-knowjames-christos-kill-radio.html - www.metropalife.com Adell Hendon Editor


Out of one speaks many 1998
The uprising 2003
Guerilla Movement 2006
The coup 2007
Black Reign EP 2008
Enigmatic EP 2010
Revolt 12" 2011



Born James McGee, the San Francisco born MC James Christos, has spent the past 10 years bringing his version of hip-hop to the forefront. His music is a diversion from the monotony of mainstream rap music. His creativity and in your face style is reminiscent of the golden era of Hip-Hop when creativity and word play were the most important weapons that an emcee could utilize. Christos has seen success through out the region through his release and well received six solo albums. In December of 2008 James Christos inked a distribution deal with Gracie/EMI to release the crtitical ly acclaimed singles "Punk Rap" and "Shove It".
James music has often been characterized as energetic hard driving alternative Hip Hop because of its strong Punk/Electro influence. Being born in the San Francisco Bay Area allowed James to be exposed to a very liberal lifestyle which in turn had a great influence on his musical taste and outlook on how music should be performed. James Christos is most notably known for his over the top and highly energetic live stage show which garnered him a coveted position at the annual SXSW showcase in Austin,TX in March of 2010.
James Christos currently resides in Kansas City, Mo creating quite the stir. James Christos was nominated for best Hip Hop Artist for Kansas City's premiere annual music awards The Pitch Awards in 2009. James Christos is also noted for his controversial outlook on the record industry in particular corporate radio. James released K.T.R.S. (Kill The Radio Station) in December of 2009 to critical acclaim for his abrasive and no holds bar approach to publicly addressing the ills of his city's local urban radio station. This summer James will be touring the country in support of his latest project Revolt. With a live show that's sure to captivate and mesmerize the masses.

By: Guerilla Movement...We live the Revolt!!!