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Love and War

Written By: James A. Clevenger

Made it to the chopper.
Firefighting all around.
Felt like heaven to be up above
the hell on the ground.
What am I doing here?
Was my silent scream.
And I felt myself change
by the things that I'd seen.

Just moments before
we'd fought off an attack.
Ten of us started on patrol.
Only seven made it back.
Just when I thought we'd all die
I heard the sergent call.
If it hadn't been for him again
They'd have killed us all.

Oh it's hard to understand why they say love and war are hell.
'till you're in the firefight
then you understand too well.
And the memories of yesterday
only make you grieve.
So you chalk up your innocence to being naive.

Once back to base
I collapsed to the ground.
The mail had came and they passed it around.
Your letter was still caressed
by the perfume that you wear.
And for one sweet moment
it felt as if I was there.

Now at first I didn't notice
cause I was captured by the sight
of the beautiful words
I'd read over all night.
From the corner of my eye
something not right.
The sergents letter was trembling.
His face was ghostly white.


In what seemed like a moment
we were back on patrol
The words of the letter
enscribed on his soul.
He was fighting a second war
inside of his head.
Searching for some hope
amidst the truth that he'd read.

Someone took a man
and left an empty shell.
Twice we had to save him.
Twice he nearly fell.
I'll never forget his dazed look
when he stumbled into the line.
And ended both wars for him
with the burst of a mine.

You wrote in your last letter
you felt useless as could be.
Honey the sergent
was stronger than me.
I know the nights are lonely.
And I know the days are long.
But I know our love is right.
Even if this war is wrong.