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James Coffey

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States | SELF

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"A Children's Classic!"

Joyous and shimmering, this Coffey original exemplifies the finest elements of folk songwriting, with sagacious storytelling and capricious application of acoustic guitar, piano and fiddle. Then there's Coffey's unpretentious singing: Simple and straightforward, he is a conduit for the music, never overwhelming the listener. Like the best music of our time, it's an album that transcends gender, genre and generations. - PULSE MAGAZINE: Tower Records

"James Coffey Rocks Chicago!"

“James Coffey combines music and learning in a way that is magical for kids of all ages. While they romp and stomp the audience is also engaged in learning lessons about history, animals and the world around them. This program is age-appropriate and delightful with tons of kid appeal. This is a perfect program if you want your kids to be up and dancing, rollicking and having a truly memorable music experience!” - Elizabeth McChesney, Chicago Public Library System

"KIDS GO Wild at Detroit Zoo!"

“Jim's music was perfect for us! The kids and parents danced and had a great time! It was one of the best performances we’ve had. Our members call and ask when he'll perform again!” - Tiffany Garner, Events Associate, Detroit Zoo


“An outstanding children’s concert. It was everything I had hope for AND MORE! We have very large turnouts at our performances and our concert goers limit their demands to only two things: for their children to be entertained and quality. We were not disappointed. The children loved all the songs, both those they knew and those that were new to them. Your easy demeanor was very welcoming and I have received many wonderful comments from the residents of Huntington Woods.” - Colette Nutton, Assistant Director, Huntington Woods Parks & Recreation


If you've ever seen any of the delightful "I Love Toy Trains" videos, you've heard the witty, upbeat train songs by Indiana performer/music educator James Coffey. This compilation proves the songs' stand-alone appeal as Coffey, doing both vocals and instrumentals, mixes his clever lyrics with smooth pop, folk and jazz rhythms. Highlights: "Dinosaur's Revenge"--T-Rex and pals munch a railway station, but they really just want a ride; a danceable "Signal Lights," the dreamy "Come Ride Along With Me"'; the Woody Guthrie simplicity of "Early in the Morning" and the "I Love Toy Trains" theme: "It's a wonderful kind of feeling." - LA Times - Lynne Heffley


All aboard! Fourteen jaunty train–themed songs, some featured in the I Love Toy Trains series of videos, will have kids keeping time to a clicky-clack beat. The songs span a range of musical styles, from the boppy, pop-sounding “Signal Lights,” to the ragtime feel of “Dinosuar’s Revenge,” to the fittingly blue piano strains of “Choo-Choo Blues.” Coffey’s clever lyrics and catchy rhythms shine particularly bright in “Aboard A Train” about a scenic and exhilarating ride on the rails. “Layin’ Down Those Railroad Ties” has a true work–chant flavor, and Latin /Carribean influences waft through “Do You Wanna Play In My Playground?” No group of train songs would be complete without a rendition of “I’ve Been Workin’ On The Railroad” and Coffey’s traditional arrangement doesn’t disappoint. His assured and enthusiastic singing makes this an enjoyable, upbeat outing. - Publisher’s Weekly


These songs stand alone in their own way whether or not children have seen the videos. James Coffey’s imaginative and clever lyrics are never dull or cloying, which will relieve many parents who are looking for diversions beyond Barney! In addition, these catchy songs can increase the musical repertories of young train enthusiasts of both sexes.
- Big Apple Parent, NEW YORK - Ruth Block


“…You can’t help but want to get on board for this musical trip.” - The Chicago Tribune


Animal Groove (CD & Downloads)
James Coffey (ASCAP) © 1999
"Editor's Choice" Sesame Street Magazine

1. Animal Groove
2. Jabu, The Little Monkey
3. Boogie Woogie Dancin’ Bear
4. What Would You Be (If You Lived Under The Sea)
5. Waddle Penguin
6. Critter Jambalaya
7. Bunny Hop
8. I Wanna Fly
9. Jellyfish Jump
10. Calypso Clam
11. Animal Train
12. Dust Bunny
14. I’m So Glad That I’m Me

Come Ride Along With Me (CD & Downloads)
James Coffey (ASCAP) © 1997
NAPPA Award Winner

1. Come Ride Along With Me
2. Signal Lights
3. Dinosaur’s Revenge
4. Choo-Choo Blues
5. Layin’ Down Those Railroad Ties
6. Early In The Morning
7. I’m An Engineer
8. I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad
9. My Big Machine
10. Stop, Look & Listen
11. I Love Toy Trains
12. Do You Wanna Play In My Playground
13. Aboard A Train
14. We All Live In A Neighborhood

My Mama Was a Train (CD & Downloads)
James Coffey (ASCAP) © 2002
Parents' Choice Award Winner

1. My Mama Was A Train
2. What Do You Hear?
3. That Little Red Caboose Behind The Train
4. Nine Hundred Miles
5. Counting Those Railroad Cars
6. Old Engine No. 9
7. Build A Bridge
8. Rock Island Line
9. Wabash Cannonball
10. New River Train
11. I’m A Train
12. Casey Jones
13. Down At The Station
14. Little Red Caboose
15. Workin’ In The Railway Yard

All About John Deere - The Music (CD & Downloads)
James Coffey (ASCAP) © 2005

1. John Deere Theme
2. Me & JD
3. My John Deere Gator
4. Pickin’ Pumpkins In The Pumpkin Patch
5. Which Belong And Which Do Not
6. My Trusty John Deere
7. Oh My Deere
8. Build Something
9. Tractors Tractors
10. Johnny Popper
11. John Deere On The Rails
12. Start The John Deere
13. William Tell Hoedown
14. Simple Life

I Love Toy Trains - The Music (CD & Downloads)
James Coffey (ASCAP) © 2005

1. I Love Toy Trains Opening Theme
2. Smooth Operator
3. This Train
4. Old McDonald Had A Train
5. Down At The Station
6. Wooden Train
7. Hard Workin’ Crane
8. Animal Train
9. Streamliners
10. Railroad Of America
11. Big Train A Comin’
12. Legends Of The Rails
13. Toy Trains Hall Of Fame
14. Boxcar Boogie
15. Take Me To Your Leader
16. Ghosts Of The Rail
17. Freedom Train
18. I Love Big Trains - Opening Theme
19. Be Sensible, Be Smart, Be Safe
20. Home Sweet Home
21. I Love Hauling Freight
22. I Love Big Trains - Closing Theme
23. I Love Lionel - Theme
24. So Happy Under The Sea
25. Ridin’ On A Train
26. Toy Train
27. Railroad Names
28. I’ve Been Workin’ On The Railroad
29. Oh No! Theme
30. One More Train
31. I Love Toy Trains - Closing Theme
32. Thanks Again I Love Toy Trains - The Final Show



One of America’s top children’s troubadours, Coffey’s unique style and talents have made him much in demand in performances all over the country where kids and adults tap their toes and dance in the aisles.

Kids First – Coalition for Quality Children’s Media describes James’s music as “Very upbeat. Lyrics are funny, catchy, and contagious.”

It is no surprise that James Coffey’s projects have won 7 Parent’s Choice Awards and three NAPPA awards!

The Wall Street Journal calls James Coffey, a pied piper who charms children.

James’ first nationally released recording on CD, “Come Ride Along With Me,” Parents’ Choice Award for “its outstanding contribution toward enriching the lives of American children.” Working Mother magazine named it one of the “Best of Audio,” among many other accolades.

James’ next recording was “Animal Groove,” a wild collection of original and favorite tunes in a range of musical styles that won awards from Parents’ Choice and the Children’s Music Web.

His newest release returns to the rails with “My Mama Was a Train,” a collection of original tunes and American classic train songs, which has been awarded both NAPPA and Parent’s Choice Awards.