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Ode To Jamie

Written By: Patrick Fisher - James D. Young

This life we’ve come to know and share
Was lived before by us, I’m sure
I know not when, I know not where,
I only know it will endure

Could it be we’ve laughed and weeped
On another star in space?
Or could it be I fell asleep
And only dreamed of your embrace?

Another time, another place
[1]Another life for us prevail
[[2]May another life prevail]
[[3]Where another life for us prevails]
Beyond this world, beyond this space
[1]And beyond this human veil.
[[2]And beyond this fragile veil.]
[[3]And beyond our mortal veil.]

Did I escape a comet’s tail
And take refuge in your heart?
And could it be that’s why a trail of tears
Are cried each time that we’re apart?

Or was I a raindrop in a cloud
And falling from the sky
As you convinced the sun to shine
So I’d become a rainbow in your eyes?


But you couldn’t wait to swim into the ocean that lay beyond this mortal curtain
And though I cry my tears of grief there’s one thing I know of which I’m certain
Yes, I am certain...

I feel convinced the love we shared
Was felt before by us, I’m sure
I know not why, I know not where, my love,
But in my heart and soul it will endure.