James Day and the Fish Fry

James Day and the Fish Fry


Jump Blues and New Orleans Grooves Originals & Chesnuts


A little vaudeville & a little flim flam. Performance oriented with humor. We carry on the traditions of the old masters, by walking the crowd, the piano player playing with his feet, switching instruments etc.

We are focused on Jump Blues that swings and dancable New Orleans grooves. This is good time music. We share all stylings with our audience Chicago,Rockabilly,Memphis,Jump,Delta,Ragtime,Zydeco,Cuban Rhumba's and New Orleans Street Parades.

Whae we are not" Loud "strat in a hat" cry in your beer played by 4 old men in bowling shirts. Nor do we do the long jam band thing. We are your full service Blues band that plays retro tones for your dancing pleasure... little vaudeville & a little flim flam. showmanship with a dash of humor.


Blue Latitudes 2006
Firecracker 2009

Our music is played on satellite radio, streaming radio and at FM radio stations in the US and Europe.

Set List

1 hour set 3 times all original and old chestnuts we have redone.