James Dunigan

James Dunigan


Acoustic Modern Rock with an edge....I play an intimate array of original songs that emanate from acoustic melodies


James grew up on the Jersey shore seeing Blind Melon @ the Stone Pony for his first show. He has been an actor on stage, television, film, and uses his experience of life to write songs that reflect his love and curiousity of the world, one song at a time.


Fools of Desperate Measures

Written By: James Dunigan

Desperate..for something I know you have inside... Soulful, I know you have a hard core heart beating too..Never too late to let your heart heal the peoples mind
....Why I didn't know what time you're thinking of starting a revolution...Time heals all wounds but wounds old heals, so says Mr. Lennon, Fine, be that way you'll never that ignorance is not bliss...we're running out of time

Fools of Desperate Measures always measure up to no good you think..base your thinking on these newspapers you read/ just like they say on all those faux news TV shows

Cheer up, it starts out like a tiny pebble, a piece of thew puzzle, start small , sad eyes don't go away by drying away the tears, question, everything eat drink and breath........


Full Album in the works...

Set List

A two hour set of originals, three hour set of covers...